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My name is Laurie. I'm 34 and I live in a suburb of Houston, TX. My life isn't super exciting or ultra dramatic, but I love it! My blogs are just a peek into my life as I know it. I'm quite random and have an opinion on everything, but I love everyone's aspect on things, even if I disagree. The world would be quite boring if not! :-)


Thursday 13: Random Thoughts

Wow, it's been quite some time since I did a Thursday 13.   I have missed them but being sick had zapped my blogging energy (and any other energy for that matter!).
This week's edition will just be random thoughts going through my head...
  1. I've had a Xanax prescription for anxiety for about 6 months and had not taken a single pill.   Last night I took one and it was the first night that I can remember where I slept through the night..   NICE!
  2. I am getting excited for the next Harry Potter movie to come out. 
  3. John and I may be going to Orlando again in December to attend his sister's graduation from college.  I hope it works out! I'd love to go again.
  4. I have a garage sale on Saturday and I have done little to prep for it.   I can't wait for it to be over with!
  5. I'm both nervous and excited for my Scentsy Launch Party this weekend!
  6. I got my 10 lb star yesterday at Weight Watchers.   I lost 2.4 lbs last week, totaling 12.2 since I joined!
  7. I was excited to find out that my scale and the scale at WW match perfectly! Wahoo!!
  8. A nap sounds amazing right now.   I'm so tired...   I slept great last night, but the past several weeks of waking up multiple times has taken it's toll on me.
  9. I've started my Christmas shopping.  I've got a long way to go, but I'm making definite progress.
  10. I found out this week that I'm no longer upside down on my car.  Now to decide if I should sell it and get something that's not going to be $500 a month!  It's very painful!
  11. I have been caffeine free for a week.    I'm enjoying Tazo Passion Tea and Tazo Organic Apple Red tea as my drink of choice.
  12. Does anyone know of a site where I can find out how much an autograph is worth?    Back in my heavy metal days (about 20 years ago, ha!)  I met Pantera and got the group's autograph.. I know one of the musicians was murdered a few years back, and I want to sell it to someone who would appreciate the picture more since I don't care for heavy metal at all anymore.
  13. This week has been never ending. I'm ready for the weekend even though it will be one of my busiest weekends in ages! 
Hope you all have a Happy Thursday and an even happier upcoming weekend!
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Doctor Appointment Update, Etc.

Good morning, everyone!   I had my doctor's appointment on Monday afternoon as my follow up to my upper GI.  My doctor told me that I have one month for the ulcer to heal on it's own, and if it doesn't, then surgery is my only other option.    I would likely use Dr. Davis, as my bariatric surgeon has retired, and several of the others in the hospital are not on my insurance plan.  Dr. Davis (whether the father or the son) was on the show Big Medicine.  I'm not sure which one I'll get if I have to go through with the surgery (but I have a feeling it's inevitable, given this is the 3rd time I've had a bad ulcer).    I also made note to tell the doctor that I didn't appreciate him calling my ulcer a marginal ulcer, as it certainly feels more than marginal to me.   He proceeded to tell me that marginal is the LOCATION, not the degree of the ulcer... I felt like a dork, but at least now I know! ha!

I am starting to feel better and better every day, and am eating all solid foods.  I do feel discomfort after eating most meals, but it is not intense anymore and doesn't last nearly as long, unless I overeat.   Overeating is easy, as my stomach shrunk quite a bit from my liquid diet, and I feel like I have my tiny little pouch again. Also, I think that my body is changing how it reacts to certain foods.  Some foods prior to the ulcer were super easy to eat, and now it's all changed.   I'm basically learning how to eat again!  AH!!!

On my new business note, I am having my launch party this weekend.   If you're local, I'd love for you to stop by and check out my products.   If you're not local (Houston, TX), please check out my website and see what we have to offer.   Any orders received for my Launch Party will earn an entry for a raffle prize!   My website is:
http://LaurieSawyer.scentsy.us        I'd greatly appreciate you helping me get my new business off to a quick start! :)     If you have any questions about the products, just drop me an email and I'm more than happy to help!
Happy Wednesday to you all!!!     Life is finally starting to improve, and I'm glad my mood is getting better!   Being sick for almost a month really takes it out of you!!



Happy Monday to you all!  
I'm super excited, as I have just signed up to be a Scentsy consultant.   We sell gorgeous candle warmers and the scents to go with them.   The scents are wickless, so they are safe, and there are tons of scents to choose from!
I hope you'll check out my site - and I would LOVE for you to host an online party so you can earn some free goodies as well!  You start earning half price items and free product at only $150 in sales.   Wahoo!
Please check out my site!  Laurie's Scentsy Page   

On another note - I go back to the doctor today regarding my ulcer.   I believe we'll be discussing the options available to me and when/if I should proceed to have surgery. 
Fun stuff, I tell ya!  I will post an update tomorrow.
Have a great day! :)


Three Years

Today is my 3 year anniversary of my RNY!     Just 3 years ago at this time, I was recovering from the most dramatic surgery and most live changing event of my life.   3 years ago, I weighed 312 lbs.    I couldn't go up one flight of stairs without feeling like the wind was knocked out of me.  I couldn't cross my legs.   I couldn't fit in an airplane seat, ride on a roller coaster, fit comfortably in a booth, and patio furniture was out of the question. 
A lot has changed in 3 years.  
Thank you all for being a very important part of my journey to becoming who I am today.  It's been 3 years of self discovery that will keep continuing.



I'm sick and tired...

... of feeling sick and tired!
I'm still not feeling 100%.. it's now been 3 weeks since I've been able to work out, and my body is feeling it.   UGH!     I never thought I'd say that I miss working out and getting exercise, but I do.  I really miss my Zumba classes.   
I am able to hold food down now, but it's touch and go on how my body reacts to it.  Sometimes I can eat with absolutely no pain during the digestion process... Other times, I want to curl up into fetal position and just cry.    I had a bad episode this weekend, and it ruined the day for me.  Today has been pretty good so far, so I think I may count my blessings and have a very light dinner.  
Although I'm not considering it a bright note, because I know with fair certainty that I will likely gain some weight back, I am down to 154.8 lbs.    My lifetime goal with WW is 155, so if I stay down over the next two days, I'll hit lifetime.   My lowest weight ever post op/adult life, etc. is 154 point something, so it's definitely a bittersweet feeling.    My ultimate goal is 149.8 just so I can get out of the 150s for the first time in my adult or even adolescent life, but I'd rather do things the right way...  Gahh!!!
I am feeling truly disconnected with everyone.  Work has been trying to kill me, as well as my ulcer.   I marked everything as read in my google reader and am starting fresh today.   I know there is no way I can catch up on over 1000 posts.  

I miss you all very much, and hope life starts to feel normal again soon!!


Update on Ulcer, Etc.

Hi all, I'm so sorry for not posting any updates in awhile... Life has been busy, and I'm still feeling cruddy!
I went to the doctor last Wednesday, and had my endoscopy done last Friday.   The little bugger is still there and it is still inflamed, so time and patience is all I've got for it to heal..  well, time at least.. I ran out of patience with this awhile back.
During my doctor's appointment, he told me that I will likely need surgery to get rid of this thing permanently.  There are three options for me: 1) To get my RNY reversed completely, going back to my old "plumbing", 2) to switch to another WLS, such as duodenal switch or gastric sleeve, or 3) to have that part of my intestine removed.      
My choice would be #3, if that is an option once it is discussed with the surgeon.   I don't want to go to duodenal switch because I think that would make me lose a lot more weight, and I am basically at goal, of not very close to it.   The gastric sleeve or reversal are other options, but #3 is my ideal choice.  It seems like the least invasive, and the best one for me.    I will know more once I get my 2 week follow up with my GI doctor.
I am definitely improving, but I still have bouts where I can not tolerate any foods, and end up throwing up or just being in major pain for 2-3 hours.  
Anyway, I will update again when I know more, and I hope to begin blogging more soon.  This is my hellacious week at work, so life has been super busy! :(