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My name is Laurie. I'm 34 and I live in a suburb of Houston, TX. My life isn't super exciting or ultra dramatic, but I love it! My blogs are just a peek into my life as I know it. I'm quite random and have an opinion on everything, but I love everyone's aspect on things, even if I disagree. The world would be quite boring if not! :-)


It's almost time!

John and I are having our first Halloween party on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it! It's a costume party, although I'm sure several people will show up without costumes, but that's cool! The more, the merrier, right? :)
This week is quite busy for me with work as well as extracurricular activities.. My mom came back into town on Monday, so I spent some time at the airport.. Last night, I took a few things over to her that I forgot at my house. Tonight I am going dress shopping for Jil's wedding. We're looking at bridal gowns as well as bridesmaid gowns.. woo hoo!
Tomorrow is Michelle's boyfriend David's birthday.. We're going to a restaurant called Taste of Texas and then heading over to their house for a bit to help them move a few things.
Friday, we'll be preparing for the Halloween party. We've already started decorating, but I need to go to the store and get refreshements, a few last minute things for my costume, etc.
It'll be fun! :-)
I hope everyone is doing well.. I'm looking forward to the holiday season and the lovely fall weather. It's so refreshing to me!


Mojo Pics

It's hard getting pictures of the two dogs together, because when they are close, they are playing nonstop :)

But here are a few more of Mojo. :)


Ready for the Weekend!!

I'm having trouble coming up with cute or clever blog titles lately... so, you just get what's on my mind.. and that would be - CAN THIS WEEKEND GET HERE SOON ENOUGH!??
I have nothing planned really.. but that's what I'm looking forward to most, especially after today. We had lots of rain this morning, and that translates into NASTY TRAFFIC! It took me 2 hours to get to work this morning. That totally sucks, and it puts me at work much later than I want to be.
Tomorrow I get a 1/2 day, and can leave 4 hours after I get in... so hopefully tomorrow's commute is nothing like todays!

John is grilling steak tonight... DELISH! I'm stopping off at the store to get some side items as well as a few extras that we are needing. Then, I'm home to relax with my boyfriend, some beef, and some cute puppies! LOL

Oh yeah, wine is on my grocery list... Delish! :)

Hope you all have a great night! :)


Reunion.... I went!

Yes.. I know.. It's a little late for a weekend update, but that's me... late! LOL A lot has happened in the past week of my little old life, and I have to share it with my bloggy friends.

First - The puppy. He's so freakin adorable! We took him to the vet on Friday, and he had a little bit of a runny nose. They gave him antibiotics, but come Friday evening, he was coughing a lot, and having a general rough time. Saturday morning, I took him back to the vet, and he was running a slight fever, but they said to let the antibiotics run their course. Thankfully, he's feeling better now. I almost cried at the vet because they injected him with fluids to prevent dehydration. Wow, the yelp was painful for me even! :( He's shown dramatic improvements though. It was scary for me because he's so young and not fully vaccinated yet. He gets round of shots in two weeks when he goes back. I will have pictures up soon, but my mom has my camera charger, and she's up in New York right now.

Ok, regular weekend stuff. I took a vacation day last Friday, because I still have roughly a week left, and we don't have any travel plans for the holidays as of yet. The day ended up being a day of errands and not so fun stuff though. I had to take my car in to the body shop, because I got into a small fender bender two weekends ago (not my fault!) lol! Then, we had the vet visit.. and then my head decided to start aching really bad, and I had a nasty sinus headache. We went to the Aeros game that evening and it was not so fun, just because with the cold of the arena and my head hurting, I was just feeling a little miserable. While there, though, I ran into my ex husband's first ex wife (I'm #2, and he's currently on wife #3!LOL). She came down to sit with us for the third period along with her husband. I like them both a lot! :) Super nice! I also got to get updates on Emili, my step daughter. I know she's not OFFICIALLY my stepdaughter anymore, but she always will be in my eyes, and thankfully in her eyes too! :)

Saturday, Mojo and I went to visit the vet again.. and I ended up with another long nap because of that dreaded headache still being around. Then, that evening John and I went to my 15 year makeshift high school reunion. It was just at a little dive bar, and it was really nice getting to see a lot of people that I hadn't seen in 15 years. It was still quite clique-ish, but I got to visit with the people that I still consider friends all of these years later. I got lots of compliments, so that felt great! : -) The picture above is John and me at the reunion. Isn't he handsome? :-) And no, he refuses to smile in pictures... he's crazy like that!LOL

Sunday was a lovely day... one of those days where you just stay in pajamas all day! I played cafe world on facebook.. that stupid game that I love! I got some laundry done... and in general just relaxed!

Fast forward to hump day this week, and the week is almost over.. hurray! I have a half day on Friday this week, so it'll be nice to get an early start to my weekend. No hockey games this weekend, but I am looking forward to getting some more relaxing time in, and playing with the dogs!

Work is still really busy, but I am finding that I am able to breathe a little easier, and I'm not so overwhelmed... Whew!!!


Selling My Domain - Check your Bookmarks!

Hi all,
I am selling my www.gastricgirl.com domain name soon, so please adjust your bookmarks.. I think most of you use blogspot anyways, so you go through my http://gastric-girl.blogspot.com address, but if you use my non-blogspot to get to me, please update your bookmarks. :)


Two Year Anniversary!

Wow, where has the time flown? Today marks my two year anniversary of my surgery. In these two years, I have learned more about myself than I have ever known in the 31 years prior to that.
Let's compare... it's always fun!
Two Years Ago: 312 lbs
Today: 158 lbs (teeter between 155-160)

Two Years ago: Size 30/4X
Today: Size 8-10/M

Two Years Ago: Size 8 1/2-9 shoes
Today: Size 8 shoes, sometimes 7 1/2

Two Years Ago: Worried if I could fit in some chairs
Today: Have lots of wiggle room

Two Years Ago: Zero Confidence
Today: Working on Being Thrilled With Myself.. My brain is trying to catch up with my body!

Two Years Ago: High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, Elevated Blood Sugar, Eczema
Today: Wonderful Blood Pressure, No Sleep Apnea, Excellent Blood Sugar, Clear Skin

There are so many small changes that have happened in my life that turn into a great change.. Has it been easy? Are you freakin kidding me? NO! Having surgery is far from the easy way out. I have had complications. I have had to get my gallbladder removed, a hernia repaired, and am currently working on getting rid of ulcers. Was it worth it? HECK YEAH!! I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

What's in store for me for the next two years?
Maintenance. I'd like to lose a few more pounds, and I'm sure it will happen. I also want to continue to work on debt, so eventually I can afford to get rid of my extra skin, and get some boobies! LOL

Hope all is well with you... Today is my Friday, so life is good! :)



So... our new puppy IS named Mojo.. And, let me tell you, Mojo is a handful and a half! He shares the spot of the cutest thing on 4 legs with my other dog Roxcee.. but wow, he's something else! LOL
We survived night #1 with Mojo. He has already gotten into the utility room closet as well as finding any little scrap of anything on the floor. I forgot puppies will find just about anything and shove it in their mouth! Including toes.. Ouch!

Roxcee and Mojo had an interesting night. They took turns chasing each other and sniffing each other's tooshies. The joys of being a puppy, right? LOL

We keep Roxcee crated during the day, and we're keeping Mojo in the bathroom with a baby gate. They can see each other, so hopefully they'll be friends when we get home. They were already singing a little whiny song of "Get me outta here!" when we were trying to get out of the house this morning.. so we shall see!!

...to be continued...


New Family Member

Meet our new puppy! We haven't decided on a name yet, but isn't he just precious? We got him at the SPCA and he's a lab/golden retriever mix. I met him on Saturday and he's a sweet little thing. Right now, he's a little bit smaller than Roxcee (my chihuahua), but his paws are about 3 times the size of her paws. It will be interesting when they meet tomorrow! LOL
We get to pick him up tomorrow after work! I'm excited!!!!



I'm excited today.. I have a Non Scale Victory.....It's a Financial Victory! I have completed my emergency fund... Wooo hoo!!!
Now, to get to that pesky debt! I'm inching my way towards becoming debt free! :-)

Anyways... The weekend is finally here! I'm super excited about it! John has the day off today, and I have a feeling that when I get home, I'm going to have a new family member. He has had puppy fever for quite some time, so we may have a new dog. I'm excited, and a little nervous at the same time. My dog is so tiny, and he wants a big dog.. I don't want Roxcee to be a snack! LOL He is getting a puppy though, so at least while it's small, they can get to know each other and become friends. :)

Tonight starts hockey season.. John and I are HUGE Aeros fans, so we're going to the opening night game tonight. We have a partial season (15 games) and I'm excited for it to get started..

Next weekend - it's my 15 year high school reunion. I don't know how I feel about this yet. It's a very casual one at a bar, and it was arranged on Facebook. It'll be interesting to see some people, that's for sure. John doesn't care to go, but I'm sure he would if I really, really want to go! :-)

Where is the time going? I can't belive we're almost halfway through October already.. I need to start Christmas shopping - SOON!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!



Whew... I survived another month end at work. I already have 34 hours, and I still have to work all day today and tomorrow. At least I get paid overtime right? RIGHT! WOO HOO!

Update on my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Addiction.. I am CURED! Thanks to Donna for sending a few recipes my way! :) Also, at World Market, I found some Torani Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Syrup.. It's the nectar of the gods! Yum! :)

John and I decided to have a Halloween party... I'm excited. I love hosting get togethers, and I have a cute costume that will double for Renaissance Festival too! :) Hurray!

For my mom's birthday and mother's day, I got her a round trip ticket to visit her family in upstate NY. I bought it back in April, and now it's time for her to head there this weekend! I'm so excited for her, but so jealous that I couldn't go too! I have such a great, fun family... I know she'll have a blast! :)

Anyways.. I wanted to check in. Work will settle down a bit for the next couple of weeks before it starts getting crazy again!

Hope all is well with everyone... :-) In one week, it will be my 2 year anniversary of Weight Loss Surgery! WOW!!!!


Doctor Appointment Update

Happy October, one and all! :)
I went to see my doctor yesterday for a follow up appointment. I go see him every 4-6 months and make sure everything is going ok with me. I requested that he run full labs on me since I've met my deductible for the year, and I'd rather pay $10 for full labs instead of $300.. that's a no brainer, right? LOL

I was completely honest with him and told him I was bad with taking my ulcer medication.. he gave me a refill so I can take it for 8 solid weeks and get rid of it finally.. :)

My weight was 162 on his scale, fully clothed. I figured it'd be right about there, so I wasn't bothered by it. I weighed myself at home and I was 158. I've been hitting the gym more than I had been recently, so hopefully that will start working in my favor. I always gain a few pounds when I start up again, and then it drops.

My blood pressure was high.. which I fully expected as well. I left work a little late to head to the appointment and I found every red light and ever slow person on the way there.. and, I had about 4 school zones.. SIGH! I don't like dealing with traffic. :) I'll take my bp at home when I'm calm and make sure it's ok. :)

Other than that, all was well. He said I was at a good weight for my frame, and just to work on building lean muscle mass, since that's what will keep the weight from coming back. I knew this already, and that's what I've been working on. :)

Hope everyone is doing well. It's getting to be my super busy week at work, so my posts may be more sporadic until after the 7th of Oct.