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My name is Laurie. I'm 34 and I live in a suburb of Houston, TX. My life isn't super exciting or ultra dramatic, but I love it! My blogs are just a peek into my life as I know it. I'm quite random and have an opinion on everything, but I love everyone's aspect on things, even if I disagree. The world would be quite boring if not! :-)


What's the Skinny?

Time sure does seem to fly! The last time I blinked, it was 2008.
I have been the worst blogger ever since I started this thing, but I am really wanting to start blogging at least once a week.. I think that's a hefty little goal for myself, but I'm sure I can do it.
What's new with me?
  • I've been dating a great guy named John for about a month and a half now. He's cute, he's fun, he's patient with me and my craziness, and he's active! That's great for me so I don't get lazy ever again! WOO HOO!
  • I'm currently wearing a pair of jeans that are size 10. WHA?! Yep, 10! Granted, many 10's don't fit me, but this one does, and maybe a few other pairs out there!
  • I'm holding at 163ish right now... I'm doing Weight Watchers but fell off the wagon a bit last week with my business trip.. this week is my recovery week! lol
  • I love bullet points.. they make things look important!
  • I'm working on getting my finances under control. I want to be able to POSSIBLY do plastics one of these days, and with my current financial situation, that's just not possible.
  • I drank a beer last night.. Yes, it had bubbles... and yes, it was damn good, and I may even have another quite soon!
  • I've had about 3 diet cokes a week. I feel worse about this than I do about the beer.. why? B/c Diet cokes are free at work, and I don't want to get back into the 2-3 a day habit that I used to be in.
  • I'm addicted to coffee. Well, this isn't new, but it's a confession. The highly caffeinated stuff is the best! lol
  • Last month, John took me out to a shooting range, and I absolutely LOVED it! It was liberating, and I wasn't half bad at it! lol
  • I want to save the money to buy a bike, and possibly ride the MS150 in 2010. I doubt I'll own my bike by the 2009 timeframe, and I want to actually make sure I can ride it.. it's been YEARS!

Well, that's about it on my side of the world. I do read all of your blogs ladies, and I will really try to start commenting more often. This bad blogger will try to make right with the world! :)

Love to you all, and I hope your 2009 is wonderful so far! :)


Anonymous said...

Good Girl...I am proud of you DSC...xoxo...Jil

Kim H. said...

Glad to see that all is well - keep up the good work! I'd love to see something from you once a week, and boy - comments would make my day! :-)

Meghan said...

The beer, the diet coke, the coffee... I could have written this! :)

Woohoo on the bike!!