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Girl's Night Out!

Recently, a new tradition has been formed. Three of my closest dearest friends and I go out on a girl's night out.. the goal is at least once a month, but we try for more often. It's great company, therapeutic, and very important to me. Another great thing about it is that we are all post op, so we don't have to worry about food pushers, disagreeing with everyone on where to go eat because of the lack of healthy choices, and just general issues that we have to think about that no one else needs to give a second thought to.

Our first one was to go see the movie Sex and the City. That was tons of fun.. great movie, and great friends. We all pretty much agree that we'd be either Carrie or Charlotte.. I took the quiz online once, and I was Carrie.. lol
Next, a few weeks later, we went to The Mad Potter. It's a great place where you pick out a piece of pottery and paint it. Then, you just leave it there, and they fire it and glaze it.. and VOILA! In my case, I got a glossy little piggy bank that a 4 year old could have done better at! LOL
Tonight - we're going to see the play Oklahoma! at a little theater in west Houston. I'm looking forward to it! My visit to New York got me very interested in the theater. I already have season tickets to Broadway Across America in Austin for next year.
I love my time with my girls! :)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this evening...what could be better? My girls, a musical and a grilled chicken stuffed baked potato! Okay, so I can't really eat that much of the potato but seriously...delicious, and I don't just mean the food! I think our girls night's out rock!

Donna said...

Hey! Just found out through Kim that we're in the same hospital support group. I live in League City, so I don't get out there very much anymore. Just wanted to say "hi!".

Kim H. said...

That sounds so fun!! I wish I had a group of friends like that!!

I loved going to Mad Potter - I've got lots of their stuff, but yeah - I think a kid could do better too!