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My name is Laurie. I'm 34 and I live in a suburb of Houston, TX. My life isn't super exciting or ultra dramatic, but I love it! My blogs are just a peek into my life as I know it. I'm quite random and have an opinion on everything, but I love everyone's aspect on things, even if I disagree. The world would be quite boring if not! :-)


Another Medical Update

Hello to all - sorry I haven't updated, but there really wasn't too much to update... There, still isn't really, but I wanted to check in.

As far as my revision surgery goes - I still haven't gotten approval from my insurance company, so I'm playing the waiting game.

On Facebook, I was reading a thread about Pancreatitis..   So, I looked into it, and it matches EVERY symptom I have (the acute, not chronic).  So, I made an appointment with my doctor.   He agrees that it is definitely worth looking into, especially with surgery pending - if something is wrong, maybe I can get completely fixed while they're "under the hood."    The thing that haunted me the most was the abdominal pain that radiates to the back with pancreatitis - that's not a common issue with ulcers.   With pancreatitis, if left untreated, it could turn into diabetes.   I did NOT lose 160 pounds to get diabetes.   So, better safe than sorry..    With this, I got a lab slip to check enzyme levels if/when I have another flare up, as well as having a MRCP done (next Tuesday morning.)

I honestly hope that it is only an ulcer.   But, at the same time, it's good to know that if it isn't just the ulcer, I know what it is, and can begin getting treated with that.    Regardless, we know the ulcer is a recurring problem, and I will continue going the route of the revision to get that problem taken care of.

Well, that is all for me at the moment.  I hope that everyone is doing well.  

I'm ready for the next chapter of healthiness.... this crap is getting old! :-)


Thursday 13: Randomness

Happy Thursday!  I haven't done a Thursday 13 in ages and I've missed it.    I don't have very composed thoughts right now (do I ever?!), so I figured I'd get a jump start with getting some of my random thoughts out in a lovely list form:
  1. I need a new song for my alarm on my phone.  Right now, it's the Rocky Theme Song, and that doesn't get me out of bed swinging like I thought it would.  Any suggestions?
  2. I've been lousy at meal planning lately.   I apologized to John for feeding him taquitos last night.   He laughed at me and said it's probably the 3rd time I haven't cooked something real.    So, I guess I should just get over it! :-)
  3. My surgery for my ulcer still isn't scheduled.  I am hoping to hear from them soon.  I'll give the surgeon's office a call on Monday if I haven't heard from them by then.
  4. My baby puppy is now 58 lbs.   My aging chihuahua is tipping the scales at 9 lbs.  Who do you think rules the roost? LOL
  5. I REALLY miss coffee.   It was my vice.   But my vice at the very least contributed to ulcer pain.  This is sad. 
  6. I noticed that gasoline is hitting $3.00 again..    Ugh!
  7. I'm SO glad that tomorrow is Friday.
  8. I get to leave at 3:30 today - wahoo!  I have a big Scentsy order coming in tonight so I will have time to sort it out and get it ready for my customers. :-)
  9. My sister and my youngest nephew are coming into town for the weekend. My nephew has a soccer tourney this weekend, right down the street from us.  I'm looking forward to some family time.
  10. There is A LOT of tension at work, between two of my good friends. I am trying very hard not to get involved..  AHHH!!
  11. I am craving Vietnamese food in a major way!!  
  12. I made my first batch of homemade pasta since getting my pasta roller/cutter attachments for my Kitchenaid Mixer....  it was alright, but I definitely need to tweak it a bit.
  13. I desperately need to go clothes shopping.  I have noticed that 75-80% of my clothing has been handed down to me during my weight loss process.  I am ready for clothes that are 100% me. I love a lot of the clothes I have received, but I am ready for a few new pieces. :-)
Hope you all have a Happy Thursday!     To join in the fun, visit Thursday 13!


Huge Favor

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Still Waiting....

Have I ever expressed my lack of patience in the waiting department?  For some reason, it seems like it's been AGES since the doctor's office submitted my paperwork. Granted, it's only been 3 business days, IF they worked on MLK Day.  I had to! LOL
The good news is that I am not having pain every time I eat now... so the waiting game will be more bearable.. Whew!
It's been a busy month for me. I've had something going on every weekend, and will continue to for the rest of the month.   I'm HOPING I get approved so I can time my surgery the way I'd like so it has a minimal effect on my job.    February 7th would be the ideal day.   John would be lucky.  Our first Valentine's Day together, I was having massive gallbladder pain... Our second Valentine's Day together, I was having massive ulcer pain.. and here we are, coming up on our 3rd, and I will be unable to eat at a super-expensive restaurant for the 3rd year in a row!     I don't like this trend...  but it is what it is!
It is really sad that I'm looking forward to surgery..  But, I am!   I am ready for life to be normal and complication (hopefully!) free!  Also - a week to two weeks off of work would be amazing!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing day!
Laurie :-)


Another Update - Surgery!

Hello my lovelies!  
It's been a hectic week for me... I went to Dr. A (my GI doc last week), and he referred me to the Davis Clinic for my revision surgery.  I was supposed to get a call from their office, but they never called.  So I called them Monday, and they refuse to see me or perform any surgery on me because they didn't do my original surgery.   Well, my original surgeon has retired... so now what?   The office manager continued to talk down to me, and had the nerve to ask me if I had tried medication for my ulcer.   Um.. Wow.   I don't know of many people out there who would opt for surgery when a pill would work, do you?    I've had FOUR ulcers in the past year, and each one gives me chronic pain for 2-8 weeks.   GAH!
Anyway, moving on from that - I called Dr. A again, and had them send me to a new surgeon.  Their office was MUCH friendlier, thank the Lord!  I already had my consultation with them, and they will be sending my information on to insurance to make sure it will be covered.  If it is not, I will have to go to the emergency room when I have bad pain again.   What they will be doing is a revision of my gastric bypass.  They have to remove a small part of my pouch as well as some of my intestine, and then reattach it all.   Recovery will be 1-2 weeks, and I will be on liquids a few days, then soft mushy foods, and then after about a month, I will be eating normally again. 
I'm just ready for all of this to be over!  2 weeks recovery beats the ulcer any day!   


Happy 2011!

Happy New Year, one and all!
I'm glad that a new year is upon us...  there is a freshness..  the flubs of 2010 can be a distant memory and the slate is wiped clean.    I love clean slates!
I made an appointment with my GI doc for this Friday. At that point, he'll speak to a surgeon, and then I'll have an appointment with the surgeon... then get my surgery scheduled.   I'm looking forward to it.   Yeah, that sounds messed up, but when you've been suffering this long, and knowing that after a week or two of recovery, all will be well in the world.... it's worth it!!!  I am hoping that I can get in for surgery the week of the 17th.   It's hard telling dealing with surgeon schedules but that's what I'm hoping for!    I'm nervous about my diet post op.   I have a feeling it will be the same as the gastric bypass post op diet - liquids and then pureed foods for several weeks.   Yeah, I'll lose weight.  But I don't want to lose more than 10 lbs.   I have a feeling that will be inevitable.  Let's just hope that I don't end up looking too frail... That would suck! I've never in my life been worried about losing too much weight.. ha!
Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season and have the best 2011 imaginable!!!

Laurie :-)