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My name is Laurie. I'm 34 and I live in a suburb of Houston, TX. My life isn't super exciting or ultra dramatic, but I love it! My blogs are just a peek into my life as I know it. I'm quite random and have an opinion on everything, but I love everyone's aspect on things, even if I disagree. The world would be quite boring if not! :-)


Two Blogs for the Price of One!

Today I met with Dr. W for my 6 month follow up appointment. My labs were good for the most part - my Vitamin D was still a little low, but much improved over last time. My liver functions were on the high side, which he said is likely from working out the day before. He sent me over to Labcorp today to check those levels one more time. My blood pressure was perfect.. everything was great!
Then, I asked him about my knee xray that I had in January - I never got the results for it. Come to find out, I have arthritis in both knees! That totally sucks! He said that losing weight may help it, and just keep working out.. when it hurts, lighten up! I can also take liquid Tylenol before my workouts to help with pain.
He said that my progress was “remarkable”, so I’m excited for that. I guess i should stop getting frustrated so easily!
Ok - just wanted to give you all an update!
Till next time,


Well another weekend came and left.. Friday I had a half day at work, and I went out to Katy and moved out of my storage unit.. What a relief! Now I’ll save $105 a month which will likely go to my clothing fund.. It took until about 6:45 to finish unloading everything, and thanks to Michelle’s help (Hooray!), I’m still alive to tell the tale! :) Now my phase II is getting rid of a lot of things either through my upcoming garage sale, or one of the reusing programs (Freecycle or Re-Use-It).. I’ve been trying to be a more thoughtful of the environment lately!
Here are some of my finds lately - some of you may find very interesting!
1) TJ Maxx has the shopping bags for only $0.79 - cheaper than Wal-Mart - and these bags are easier to carry than plastic bags.. no more spinning and cutting off the circulation of your fingers… or is that just me that happens to!? hehe
2) Avenue is having a great sale now! They have a $4.99 sale going on. My jeans that I’ve been wearing since post op are now only $4.99. There was only one pair I could buy though. But, I bought 5 pairs of jeans total - spending about $80. I got 2 in size 16 and 3 in size 14.. then I will have to bid farewell to Avenue. YAY!
3) When grocery shopping, I found Hormel Compleats - they are little complete meals in the boxed food section. I got the Beef Steak and Peppers - it only has 4 sugars for the whole meal, 20 g of protein, and 210 calories. Not bad, eh? I’ve gotten a few Weight Watchers meals and can’t eat the whole thing, but it’s a good way for variety and I always make sure I eat all the protein… just watch those suckers for sodium content!
I got to see my stepdaughter this weekend.. she stayed the night with me Saturday night and I took her back to her mom on Sunday. We had a great time! I really think she’s more mature than me, but she told me I’m a little bit more mature.. not a lot though! haha
Well…… I’m done with my lunch so I better get back to work!! :) I hope everyone is doing well, and I’ll be sure to post my garage sale info here for you locals! I know Jil is interested.. I hope I have some goodies!
Love to you all!


Accountability Day = Late! EEK

Ok I finally got my measurements done… it’s about damn time, isn’t it?
Last measurements on 3/3/08
Waist 38
Hips 48.5
Neck 13.5
Right Thigh: 29
Right arm: 15.5
Weight: 209
Waist: 37
Hips: 46.5
Neck: 13.25
Right Thigh: 26.5
Right Arm: 15
Here’s a pic taken last weekend… it’s gross.. sorry!


A Mini Goal Reached

Over the weekend, I hit 100 lbs lost, just shy of my 6th month post op! I’m so very excited! :) I have pictures taken but I still need to get them off my camera, and hope to do that soon! I also need to do my measurements again! I’m so bad about remembering to do those pesky things.. I think it’s been about 2 months now though.. I reckon it’s time!
My shopping addiction has been bad. I spent about $120 this weekend on clothing and a wallet. So, I’m grounded from anywhere that takes Visa, Mastercard or Debit Cards! I must keep myself away!!! I do have plenty of clothes now with the exception of jeans. All my jeans except one pair are too big, but I can get away with wearing them a bit longer, so I will do that!
Ok, I’m just blabbering so I will stop it for now! I’ll post again soon - hopefully with a picture and measurements!



I’ve been really bad at posting lately.. Work has been on the busy side, and I’ve just been overtired lately. I’m still teetering around the same weight, but hopefully I’ll drop again soon. I did my labwork over the weekend and I go in to see Weinstein on the 28th for my checkup. I hope my lab reports are wonderful! Last time I just had a vitamin D deficiency.. hopefully that gets better!
Oh, good news! I’ve noticed that my hair loss isn’t as bad as it has been.. I still lose some, but it’s not coming out in clumps anymore.. So YAY! And I never noticed the loss by looking in the mirror. Hopefully it’s not just slowing down to start going out like crazy again, but it seems to be getting better for about a week now.. I’ll keep you all posted!
Have a lovely day!


Accountability Day

Wow, I remembered on my day, but I of course still need to do measurements. *sends email home to remind myself to do that tonight* This morning my weight was 216.8. My total loss so far is 93.2 pounds.Upcoming Milestones:100 lbs lost in 6.8 lbsI’ll be in the 100’s in 16.9 lbs
The aspect of those happening are super exciting, but it still feels like it will never get here! GRR!Rosanne joined the gym, so I am making it there more often again. I don’t think I went at all last week, and I felt terribly guilty and lazy for not going. I went yesterday and did 30 minutes on Carter (I name my elliptical machine after Carter Oosterhouse from Carter Can!.. I know, I’m weird. He is just perfect to me though! Woo hoo! I thought naming a piece of gym equipment after perfection would make me go more often.. hehe) - and then I did 80 crunches, several arm and leg machines.. and I totally feel it today. Today will just be cardio. My body was screaming at me last night and this morning. I’m glad I love the smell of Icy Hot!
Anyways - I’ll try to remember to do measurements.. I’m pretty curious myself!