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My name is Laurie. I'm 34 and I live in a suburb of Houston, TX. My life isn't super exciting or ultra dramatic, but I love it! My blogs are just a peek into my life as I know it. I'm quite random and have an opinion on everything, but I love everyone's aspect on things, even if I disagree. The world would be quite boring if not! :-)


Turning Around... Wahoo

Well, I am finally feeling better. I am able to hold food down, and I am not in pain anymore. Thank heaven for small miracles! I'm still taking my medication until it runs out. I went to my gastroenterologist (that's a tough word to type out!) yesterday for my follow up appointment, and I go back in on April 13 to get another gastroscope to make sure the ulcer has completely healed. He freaked me out a bit yesterday saying it's possible I may need a revision on my RNY IF I keep getting recurring ulcers. The reason that is a possibility is that I could be getting low blood flow to that area of my intestine, so they may have to remove that part. Basically, snip it out and reattach my intestine back to my pouch. That doesn't sound fun.. but hopefully I won't get recurring ulcers. He told me to stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, and try to avoid high stress. The cigs and alcohol are absolutely no problem for me. I'm trying to unclench and not sweat the small things, but it's certainly easier said than done!

I haven't stepped on a scale in a week or so, but I think I'm still down about 5 pounds. I know I've gained around 3 lbs back at least just because I'm now able to eat and drink.
My birthday is Sunday... I'm very blah about it this year.. I'm getting older (duh!) and it's just not very exciting for me. We don't really have much planned, and I'm totally good with it. John did buy me an iPhone for my birthday a week early so I'd be able to play with it.. Wahoo!!! It is such a fun little phone. I actually am listening to Lady GaGa right now on it, just skipping a few of the crazily overplayed songs! hehe This will be a great playlist for the gym when I get back there... which will be soon! :)


Update - Sorry So Late!

Hi all - I'm really sorry that I haven't given you all an update!

I went to the gastroenterologist last Wednesday for my appointment. He agreed with Weinstein that it sounded like an ulcer, so he scheduled me for an upper GI scope Thursday morning. I do have a medium duodenal (intestinal) ulcer, and I just need to deal with it until it heals up. I've had trouble eating off and on every day since I started feeling bad, with this past Sunday being the worst. For some reason, whenever my ulcer starts hurting really bad (after eating most foods), I get accompanying back pain. The back pain is worse than anything.. I remember the pain post surgeries for every surgery I've had, and this was by far worse. I spent all of Valentine's Day crying. I felt TERRIBLE!! The good news is though, that I haven't had that degree of back pain since, and I am able to tolerate a few more foods. So, it sounds like I'm healing, slowly but surely. I have a follow up next Wednesday, and he wants to do another scope on me in 6 weeks to make sure the ulcer has healed.

Poor John.. We've been dating for a year and two months. This Valentine's Day, he had to deal with me being a wreck, not being able to sit, lay down, or get in any comfortable position without cringing in pain... Last Valentine's Day, I had my gallbladder/intestinal hernia.. At least he didn't have to spend a fortune on taking me out to eat, since I still really can't eat much! LOL He's going to take me to the Melting Pot as soon as I'm able to hold food down though. I would feel like I'm breaking every sort of law in the land if I went before then! LOL This is my absolute favorite restaurant in the world! I also get to go to Benihana soon, b/c I got an email from them for my birthday coming up, and I get a free meal! Wahoo!

I'm down to 154 lbs. That's "NORMAL" on the BMI scale. Wow! I know that the minute I am able to eat again, it'll bounce back up, but it's nice to see that weight if only for a moment. I also keep in mind that if/when I get my extra skin removed, I'd be in the low 140's, and I am close to being too thin. I think my comfortable weight is 154-160 lbs.

John and I went to see the Lightning Thief movie yesterday since I was too ill to see it on V-Day. I liked it a lot, but he hated it. The difference? He read the books, and I did not. LOL

I hope everyone is braving the crazy weather that Mother Nature has brought on.. All of you East Coasters, please bundle up! It's unseasonably cold here too, but we won't go there.. It'd just make you all pissed off! LOL

I've been enjoying catching up on TV a bit.. and watching the Olympics. I love all of the wonderful stories that all of the athletes have, and the Canadian who won the first Gold Medal for his country made me cry.. He was so sweet, and I am so glad that the no Gold drought was broken for Canada. I LOVE Canada.. I've been there once and I would love to go again.. such a beautiful country with so many beautiful people! :) I loved watching the speed skating and seeing Apolo Ohno win again too! Wahoo!!

Anyway - I'll end this now because I am obviously rambling!
Take care, all of you! I will write again soon!


It's been rocky so far...

February has been one heck of a month for me so far. I'll share the good, the bad and the sadly terrible...
I'll get the worst over with first.
I have not been able to hold food down since Sunday evening. Well, I can hold waffles down, but that is ZERO nutritional value, and I can't just keep eating a waffle every few hours. That's just not right. I visited my doctor yesterday, and he said it sounded like it was my ulcers, or a bowel obstruction. I had an xray yesterday, and there is no obstruction visible, so we're rolling with the ulcers. I had been doing so good not letting things get to me, and trying not to stress, but obviously my efforts were fruitless. I go to the gastroenterologist today at 2:30 to see what to do from here. I'd love to not spend my time in the restroom throwing up. :( Along with the nausea, I've been getting really bad back pains, and sharp, shooting pains in my stomach. If you ever experience this, go to the doctor! My regular doctor wanted me to increase my meds until we find out for sure what is wrong with me. I will let you all know as soon as I know!

On the up side of not being able to hold food down, I've lost 8 pounds. So, mark that resolution off! HA! I'm sure once I can eat something, it will pile back on.. but I'll take a little victory where I can get it today!

I was asked yesterday if my surgery was worth it, even after all of my complications. To me, yes. My overall quality of life has improved dramatically. Yes, I've had some bumps and roadblocks, but before my life WAS a giant (literally) roadblock. So yes, I'd do it again.. it'd be nice to not have the complications, but they're better than the possible complications I'd be facing being super-morbidly obese.

Besides my health issues, life has been pretty decent. We had a nice little get together on Super Bowl Sunday.. I was in bed for most of it, but my friends came in to visit with me, and it was nice to see everyone. :)
I haven't spent a lot of time this week at work b/c of the above, but at least I'm not behind.. whew!

Will update soon!


February Resolutions

Hello to all! Here's my January Resolution Recap, along with my February Resolutions!
For January, I resolve to:
  • Get back on track with vitamins. I've been a slackerface lately, and I know that needs to be corrected. I had glorious labs all of 2009, and I don't want to ruin 2010 lacking in vitamins! I have dramatically improved and am taking my vitamins on a daily basis.
  • Get back on track with water... or should I say, get ON track with water.. I've always been terrible with it. I resolve to drink at least 40 oz of water a day in January... and then hopefully in Feb, I can up it to the proper 64. I'm not trying to be an underachiever, just realistic! Score! I've been drinking a lot more water, decaf tea, etc. I'm proud of myself, as this has always been an issue for me.
  • No More Diet Cokes! As Chris H's blog is titled Diet Coke Rocks, oh, it truly does. But, it's my downfall, and I'm not even supposed to be drinking it. So, bye bye Diet Cokes. It's on to tea, Crystal Lite, and oh yeah, WATER! SCORE yet again! I've been Diet Coke free for 32 days now. I really don't miss it like I thought I would. Sometimes the fizz of someone pouring a drink over ice makes my mouth water a bit, but I move on, take a sip of my water, and know that I'm doing a good thing for myself!
  • Get back on track with protein, go off track with the carbs! Are you sensing a pattern here? Why yes, Laurie has been a terrible post-op patient as of late! I resolve to focus on protein as my main source of nutrition again. The carb monster needs to be tamed.. bigtime! Improvements have definitely been made, but I still am working on taming the carb monster. I've been better with eating eggs for breakfast vs. a quick eggo waffle... Eggo waffles aren't high in protein even though the EGG is in the name.. don't let it fool ya! Especially if you're like me and prefer the chocolate chip ones! HA! I am definitely re-committing to this resolution.
  • Be more active! I don't want to put a number of workouts per week or number of minutes, because if I don't make it the first week, I know I'd quit!! Negatory... I can't say I'll re-committ, but I will try again.
  • Blog more. It keeps me accountable, and I miss it! I haven't been blogging as frequently as I'd like to, BUT I have been blogging more than I had been.. a hit and miss here.. but I'm working on it. :)
Now, for February. Happy February to you all. It's a nice short month, and I'm ready to tackle it! Here are my resolutions for February. Some are from the January cast of characters, and some are brand new!
  • Be more active! Err.. be active! LOL 'Nuff said.
  • Try to get rid of my ulcer completely by: a) not letting my stressful job get the best of me, b) taking my medications regularly, and c) trying to not let any stressful situations bother me.. I can not control others, nor do I want to. I need to let things slide off my back more easily.
  • Continue to tame the carb monster. I got a good start to this today by going to the grocery store on my lunch break and getting some cheese to snack on instead of Cheese Nips. Huzzah!!
  • STAY on track with vitamins. I have to go in on April 1 to get my bloodwork done again, and I want a glowing report!
  • Be the best bridesmaid possible for Jil with her upcoming nuptials. I hope to help make the next month as stress-free as possible. We have her bridal shower and bachelorette party this month! :-)
  • Lose 5 pounds by my birthday (Feb 28). I KNOW I can do this. I just need to set forth the effort, and follow all of my resolutions.
  • Spend as little as possible and have $1,300 saved for a debt that has to be paid by 2/27. I know I can do it, but it will be quite challenging! .
I think that's good for now.. I don't want to keep my ulcer b/c I've made too many Feb. resolutions! HA!
Hope you all are doing great!!!