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Slowing Down..

Last week was incredibly busy for me at work, hence no blogging from me! The first week of every month, I have to get all the billing done for the previous month and we have some pretty tight deadlines. I am always sure to make my deadlines, but I did manage to have to work about 7 hours worth of overtime during the week. That's ok though, I need it! The check that I get the overtime in is the check that my car note comes out of, so it's nice to have a little extra padding that week! hehe This week has slowed down a bit though, so hopefully I'll get back into my blogging. I really feel that it is therapeutic for me! :)

Today I have my checkup with Dr. Weinstein. I'm kind of disappointed in my weight loss since my last checkup. The last one in April I was 213, and now I'm 185. That comes down to a little less than 9 lbs a month (since I'm a little late on my checkup). I was hoping to stay above 10 lbs a month - I know it slows down, but damn it, not this soon! LOL I hope to be to my goal by January 15 of next year - that's 15 months. Only time will tell, right?

My weekend was uneventful for the most part. The busy week left me exhausted, and on Saturday I cleaned quite a bit and played World of Warcraft. Ugh - my friend had been trying to get my to play this game for over a year, and I finally gave in, and it's addicting. On Sunday, my sister came into town with my nephews. We all had dinner, and watched the boys play guitar hero on Wii. They put me to shame. BIGTIME! My boyfriend came over and got to meet some more of my family. :)

Someone at my work started selling this product called Monavie - it's an Acai juice that gives you your 8 servings of fruits and veggies in 2 oz. It is actually pretty tasty and they have an active blend that has glucosamine in it. Since I have arthritis in my knees, I got that kind. I did notice that my knees didn't creak going down the 5 flights of stairs this morning from the parking garage. I hope it helps with that! I will probably become a distributor as well - I already have a few friends wanting some, so why not, right?

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