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Doctor's Appt Follow Up

Met with Dr. W yesterday.. all was well, except Vitamin D still low. Next time I go in for labwork, I only have to get my Vitamin D tested... I'm done with the rest... woo hoo!
He prescribed me xanax for my "anxiety" that my therapist says I have... we'll see if it makes me stress less.
Anyone in the houston area have any ideas for a good therapist? Mine is weird. lol

Kim - I gave Dr. W your message and he said, That's Great!

Jil - I told Dr. W you missed him but you're healthy so you haven't needed to see him. I think he understands and will start the healing process soon.

well, I am leaving early today and I have a lot to do, so I will write again soon!

Peace out! hehehe


Jil said...

LOL...Dr. W may recover but I feel so lost without him...I have been thinking about getting sick so I can go see him...what do you think?


Kim H. said...

I'm so glad that you only have to get your vitamin D checked - you don't have to get everything else done again next year?

I can only imagine his face when you started giving him messages from all of us! Hysterical!

Jil - I so get that!! I sometimes just want verification from him that I'm as well as I think I am.