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Slacker Blog Girl!

That's what Jil calls me.. I guess that's a hint that I should blog, eh?

Well, I'm doing alright on my GOALS for 2009.
I've been to the gym at least 3 times, probably more, but my brain is not functioning properly today. I also joined Weight Watchers on the 4th of January. I know it's odd for a post-op RNYer to join Weight Watchers, but at this point, I am on my own as far as my weight loss goes. I am finding that I can eat like a "normal" person, so I might as well learn how to eat properly. I follow my plan first - which is high protein, low fat. But I also stay within my points. I think it's going to be very successful for me, and I have found that I was over eating, which is why I essentially stopped losing weight. I'm not ready to be done losing weight. I'm going to hit my goal this time, and I'm going to stay within my goal! :) I'll actually hit lifetime in about 10 pounds, which is awesome. I never thought I'd EVER get to the point where I can go to Weight Watchers and not have to pay for it! hahah.

Work has been amazingly stressful for me lately, hence no blogging. I hope things calm down soon, or I will need to check myself in somewhere! heheh

Ok, back to work now...

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Kim H. said...

Hmmm... good to see you back! I wonder if I need to go to Weight Watchers?? Geez... it all gets so complicated a year or so out... unless you're Super Girl (Jil [wink])

I've got to do something to get this train rolling again...