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They Just Keep Rolling In!!!

Wow, I've been cleaning up my computer and finally organizing my pictures and stuff.. and I keep coming across some quite flattering (cough, choke!) pictures of me! Here's the best angle ever for a pear shaped girl! LOL

This picture was actually a little over a month post op, so I was already down about 30-40 pounds... I remember I was losing rapidly, but not sure where I was at that point..
And, just for reference, here's another seated shot.. I still hate my legs, but wow, when comparing, maybe they're not so terrible after all! haha

Anyways... after that little trip, here's my update on life.
Work - still absolutely crazy.. nothing new there!
Non-work - John closed on his house on Friday the 24th.. We stayed there on Saturday for the first time. My commute is about 45 minutes now, which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. We're still both moving out, still both cleaning, etc. The house is really nice, but it's older, so it has more work to be done than a brand new "fresh" house! haha I'm working on the kitchen.. he's working on stuff outside, changing locks, getting the TV and computers set up.. you know, guy priorities! hehe I can't believe how much shelf paper is! WOW!!! I have spent probably $500 in cleaning products, shelf paper, new home supplies, etc in the past few days. I'm ready for that to stop and be able to get back to my debt snowball! :)
I'll update more soon and post some pictures as well! ;)

Hugs to you all!! As soon as life calms down a bit and/or I have DSL at the house, I'll be able to post and read more. I haven't had a computer at home for about 3 weeks now, so I'm limited to work.. and as I said, work is crazy! :(

Miss you all!!!


Janine said...

No wonder you have been MIA from blogland, you have been so busy with the house and moving.

Can't wait for you to get more settled and that we can hear from you more often. Missing you!!

Oh - and some pics of the house would be fantastic.....hint hint.

Kim H. said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the house - hang in there - things will settle down soon. :-)

Kim said...

We live in an older home, which is what we wanted. It's right around 100 years old and it needed work, but we have done a little at a time over the past eight years and I wouldn't trade it for the world (well, maybe for a farm!). You guys will be so happy once you are all settled!

Weight Control Help and Strategies said...

Miss you, looks like you are very busy with things. Looking good.

Emmett said...

The pics look good.

Susy said...

Amazing! You look wonderful then and now...but now hubba hubba! Take care!