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Time to Get Serious

I've been in denial. I've been avoiding the scale on purpose. Why? Because I've been so busy and stressed. What do I still do, after this period of almost 2 years post op? I stress eat. I can eat marshmallows and not dump. I know exactly how much sugar, fat, etc I can ingest before I hit the dreaded dumping syndrome. It's not failsafe, sometimes I do dump. But I truly wish I dumped EVERY time. That way I would have an issue with eating something I know I shouldn't!
I stepped on the scale this morning, and although I knew I'd probably be teetering around 160, I was at 164. My lowest weight was 151 I think.. but I haven't been above 157 in quite some time.. until now! I know my problem is snacking at work. I frequently chew on a variety of snack foods that are provided free by the company I work for. The temptation is ALWAYS there. In the kitchen, we have the packs of chips, cookies, granola bars, etc.. In payroll, we have every sort of chocolate you can imagine. We have free sodas - everything from Diet Dr Pepper to Ginger Ale. No wonder I gained 30 pounds working here BEFORE WLS.
I'm going to become conscious of what I put in my mouth like I should have been all along. I will not let the food win, and I refuse to become a WLS statistic by regaining what I lost!


Jenn said...

I would definitely bring my own snacks in that case. Have stuff at your desk that you can eat before you wander into the kitchen.
Snacking at work is hard to stop, but you can do it!

Sheryl said...

I agree with Jenn, I was just giving myself a lecture about being prepared on the way to work today. I over slept and had no good choices for a grab and run breakfast so I grabbed chips and a diet coke...stupid....

Anyway if we are not prepared we will set ourselves up for failure. I am going to have healthier quick grabs in the house and you could have healthier snacks and beverages at your desk. Avoid the kitchen for a while if you need to.

I don't want you to become another one of those negative stats either.

Have a great week and know you WILL take off what you put back on. Better to catch it now then when there is a lot more.

pills "weight said...

I avoid the scale sometimes too, you are not alone. I started bringing pears to work, and my shakes. You can snack healthy.

Emmett said...

Hang in there, temptations are everywhere.

Janine said...

I so relate to this post Laurie. I am the same. I am 2 years post op in November and I can pretty much eat anything,andI also know extaclty (most times) how much of something I can eat before I dump.

I am trying to focus on changing one bad habit that has crept back in at a time.....like drinking when I eat - especially the bad stuff cos I know if I drink I can fit more in.

Maybe a few of us need to do a back to basics week and re focus.

Chris H said...

Girl you just have to get tough with yourself and say "NO I AM NOT GOING TO SNACK"... and bloody well stick to it!

You won't die from lack of snacking.
And you won't offend anyone by not snacking.
And no one can make you eat those snacks.
It is totally in YOUR CONTROL... no one force feeds an adult.

Just stick to your 3 meals a day and you will be fine.

KrysTros said...

How about seeing if some of your coworkers would go in with you on healthy snacks? My problem is that I am always at home! I have mostly things in my house that you have to COOK if you want to snack! I don't like having to wash dishes so I don't snack as much!