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So... our new puppy IS named Mojo.. And, let me tell you, Mojo is a handful and a half! He shares the spot of the cutest thing on 4 legs with my other dog Roxcee.. but wow, he's something else! LOL
We survived night #1 with Mojo. He has already gotten into the utility room closet as well as finding any little scrap of anything on the floor. I forgot puppies will find just about anything and shove it in their mouth! Including toes.. Ouch!

Roxcee and Mojo had an interesting night. They took turns chasing each other and sniffing each other's tooshies. The joys of being a puppy, right? LOL

We keep Roxcee crated during the day, and we're keeping Mojo in the bathroom with a baby gate. They can see each other, so hopefully they'll be friends when we get home. They were already singing a little whiny song of "Get me outta here!" when we were trying to get out of the house this morning.. so we shall see!!

...to be continued...


Janine said...

We definately need some pics of them together......They sound adorable....but ouch about the toes!!

Falon said...

Mojo?? That's a really cute name for the cutest puppy ever. So jealous, I wish I could get one.

Chris H said...

I hope they are getting on now! Cute name.