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Ready for the Weekend!!

I'm having trouble coming up with cute or clever blog titles lately... so, you just get what's on my mind.. and that would be - CAN THIS WEEKEND GET HERE SOON ENOUGH!??
I have nothing planned really.. but that's what I'm looking forward to most, especially after today. We had lots of rain this morning, and that translates into NASTY TRAFFIC! It took me 2 hours to get to work this morning. That totally sucks, and it puts me at work much later than I want to be.
Tomorrow I get a 1/2 day, and can leave 4 hours after I get in... so hopefully tomorrow's commute is nothing like todays!

John is grilling steak tonight... DELISH! I'm stopping off at the store to get some side items as well as a few extras that we are needing. Then, I'm home to relax with my boyfriend, some beef, and some cute puppies! LOL

Oh yeah, wine is on my grocery list... Delish! :)

Hope you all have a great night! :)

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Kim H. said...

Your evening sounds fantastic! I can totally relate - it took me 2 hours on Thursday too. Thank God I'm off on Monday!