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Hello, New Year! So nice to see you!
I need to update you all on my January Resolutions... you all are my conscience... my place to vent... my place to confess.. and my place to celebrate!
Here we go..
For January, I resolve to:
  • Get back on track with vitamins. I've been a slackerface lately, and I know that needs to be corrected. I had glorious labs all of 2009, and I don't want to ruin 2010 lacking in vitamins! Ok, so I have taken a vitamin or so almost every day... but that's not on track. I DID however, order more of my Bariatric Advantage Vitamins, and will take them to work, where they will stare me down and make me chew them!
  • Get back on track with water... or should I say, get ON track with water.. I've always been terrible with it. I resolve to drink at least 40 oz of water a day in January... and then hopefully in Feb, I can up it to the proper 64. I'm not trying to be an underachiever, just realistic! I'm actually probably getting my 40 oz a day.. or 20.. maybe even 50 some days.. depends on the day, and the level of thirst!!! LOL
  • No More Diet Cokes! As Chris H's blog is titled Diet Coke Rocks, oh, it truly does. But, it's my downfall, and I'm not even supposed to be drinking it. So, bye bye Diet Cokes. It's on to tea, Crystal Lite, and oh yeah, WATER! Wahoo! I have completely kept on track with this one. I had half a 2 liter at the house left on New Years Day. I poured the rest into the sink, wept a little and moved on. Do you all know one of my favorite sounds in the world is the fizz of a freshly opened soda? Sigh.. I need a life! LOL
  • Get back on track with protein, go off track with the carbs! Are you sensing a pattern here? Why yes, Laurie has been a terrible post-op patient as of late! I resolve to focus on protein as my main source of nutrition again. The carb monster needs to be tamed.. bigtime! I think I'm doing a little better with this, but I am still eating carbs. I am being better though, and making smarter choices.
  • Be more active! I don't want to put a number of workouts per week or number of minutes, because if I don't make it the first week, I know I'd quit!! Well, I got sick on January 2. And now I'm living at work until after Saturday, so we'll revisit this one soon... until then, negatory.. I've been a slackerface.. or a sick, overworked face... whichever you prefer. I did dust off the Wii Fit, and will be doing the Wii Active too! Wahoo!
  • Blog more. It keeps me accountable, and I miss it! Well, I'm blogging, and it's been less than a week, so it's an improvement. :) Baby steps!!
As I stated above, I am sick AGAIN! I was just sick over Thanksgiving! What's up with that? I fell asleep on the couch watching GI Joe with John (it's a good movie, but i was tired and had already seen it!).. and when I woke up I couldn't breathe.. it just got steadily worse, and here I am finally able to breathe a little bit again, but have a sore throat. The Nyquil is kickin my arse, and I can't wake up in the mornings... AHH!!!

Well, it's 6:30 and I still have plenty of work so I better get back to it!!

Toodles! :-) Wow, I did say that!
Laurie :0)


KrysTros said...

Ha! You and me have the same resolution when it comes to taking vitamins! 2010 will be a great year, I just know it!

Lisa Sargese said...

I hear you about the carbs! They are the monsters that keep me hostage to the sugar cycle that got me fat in the first place. Thanks for blogging about things with such honesty!!

Anonymous said...

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