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I'm sick and tired...

... of feeling sick and tired!
I'm still not feeling 100%.. it's now been 3 weeks since I've been able to work out, and my body is feeling it.   UGH!     I never thought I'd say that I miss working out and getting exercise, but I do.  I really miss my Zumba classes.   
I am able to hold food down now, but it's touch and go on how my body reacts to it.  Sometimes I can eat with absolutely no pain during the digestion process... Other times, I want to curl up into fetal position and just cry.    I had a bad episode this weekend, and it ruined the day for me.  Today has been pretty good so far, so I think I may count my blessings and have a very light dinner.  
Although I'm not considering it a bright note, because I know with fair certainty that I will likely gain some weight back, I am down to 154.8 lbs.    My lifetime goal with WW is 155, so if I stay down over the next two days, I'll hit lifetime.   My lowest weight ever post op/adult life, etc. is 154 point something, so it's definitely a bittersweet feeling.    My ultimate goal is 149.8 just so I can get out of the 150s for the first time in my adult or even adolescent life, but I'd rather do things the right way...  Gahh!!!
I am feeling truly disconnected with everyone.  Work has been trying to kill me, as well as my ulcer.   I marked everything as read in my google reader and am starting fresh today.   I know there is no way I can catch up on over 1000 posts.  

I miss you all very much, and hope life starts to feel normal again soon!!


Donna said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. *hugs*

Alexia said...

feel better, hon.
and don't worry about catching up!
we understand ;)

Falon said...

Post Hugs Laurie! Forget about the posts, you've got bigger fish to fry. I hope you feel better soon.

Rachel said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. It must be going around there too. I've had bad allergies the past few weeks. I can't breathe and now I'm getting a cough. Ug!! Hope you are better soon!