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Update on Ulcer, Etc.

Hi all, I'm so sorry for not posting any updates in awhile... Life has been busy, and I'm still feeling cruddy!
I went to the doctor last Wednesday, and had my endoscopy done last Friday.   The little bugger is still there and it is still inflamed, so time and patience is all I've got for it to heal..  well, time at least.. I ran out of patience with this awhile back.
During my doctor's appointment, he told me that I will likely need surgery to get rid of this thing permanently.  There are three options for me: 1) To get my RNY reversed completely, going back to my old "plumbing", 2) to switch to another WLS, such as duodenal switch or gastric sleeve, or 3) to have that part of my intestine removed.      
My choice would be #3, if that is an option once it is discussed with the surgeon.   I don't want to go to duodenal switch because I think that would make me lose a lot more weight, and I am basically at goal, of not very close to it.   The gastric sleeve or reversal are other options, but #3 is my ideal choice.  It seems like the least invasive, and the best one for me.    I will know more once I get my 2 week follow up with my GI doctor.
I am definitely improving, but I still have bouts where I can not tolerate any foods, and end up throwing up or just being in major pain for 2-3 hours.  
Anyway, I will update again when I know more, and I hope to begin blogging more soon.  This is my hellacious week at work, so life has been super busy! :(


Libby - Denver, CO said...

I am so sorry to read about your ulcer. Option #3 sounds like the most reasonable to me as well. Since I just had my lap band surgery yesterday, it is hard to imagine going under the knife again.

Good luck to you and I hope you feel much better soon.

Libby - http://thisonetimeinbandcamp.blogspot.com/

Janine said...

If it were me I would be going for Opt 3 as well. How long till you discuss that with the surgeon?

TJ said...

so sorry to hear that you are having issues- hope you get advised on what the best option is to do. feel better! :)

Chris H said...

Is the ulcer due to your WLS? IF it is that sucks. I hope you can get the ulcer fixed in the manner you want.

Dee said...

Sorry to hear about your issues. I don't know how invasive the other options are but I just had the gastric sleeve done right after you wrote this blog. It was an easier surgery and recover than either ankle surgeries (one was to repair a break the other just to take the screws out) or my c-section.