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Post Vacationitis!

Well, I had a fabulous time in NYC. We did as many of the touristy things that you can possibly do in just 4 short days. I mastered the subway system, and my legs and butt are unforgiving for all of the stairs that I put them through. There are stairs EVERYWHERE in NYC. We stayed with my friend’s cousin, and guess what? He lived on the 3rd floor of his building. So, I definitely got a lot of walking and stairs in. My body was so sore, but now I actually miss it! I retired from stairs for a few days, and now the elevator in our parking garage is broken, so I get 10 flights in round trip. WOO HOO! Wow, I’m rambling today.. lol
I got back to Houston on Tuesday morning with full intentions of going to work right afterwards.. that did NOT happen. I had to get some sleep! So, I had a nice 2.5 day week last week, and a 3 day week this week.. NICE! :)
Over this past weekend, my boyfriend took me to the Hill Country.. Wow, it was beautiful. We stayed at a little bed and breakfast called Little Goose Lakehaus, at Canyon Lake and it was soo nice! We went out and explored the hill country, got some tasty Fredericksburg peaches, visted Luckenbach, and just had a nice, relaxing time! He’s from NYC and he ended up buying a cowboy hat! YAY a new convert!
Ok, that was the good stuff… The bad - I stepped on the scale and I was at 198… So about 3 lbs gained.. I would love to think its from my new stair muscles, but I know I didn’t eat as healthily as I could have on either vacation. So, it’s back to visit Carter tonight, and start dating him 3 nights a week as well. For those of you who don’t know Carter - that’s my elliptical machine, named after the gorgeous Carter Oosterhouse. A girl needs motivation to go to the gym, right? What’s better than going on a hot date 3 nights a week! hehe
I’m seriously on my getting back on track mode. I’m tracking my meals on Sparkpeople again, and will be getting super serious about getting my ass back to the gym, and using my videos and wii fit. Yes, the Wii Fit is still in the box… I started dating my boyfriend right after I bought it, and I’ve actually been getting out of the house a lot! Time to take care of me now though - I have been losing weight a lot slower lately, and now it’s time where I have to step it up a notch or three!
Ok, I can go all day, so I better stop here.. Another goal is to blog more often - how can i be held accountable if I don’t post a thing, right? I’ll be catching up on blogs as well - I miss keeping track of my wls sisters and brothers!

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