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Size 12!!!

Thanks to my dear friend Jil, I now know that I can fit into a size 12. I've been wearing size 16 Levis b/c they were comfy, but I tried on three different brands of size 12 jeans at TJ Maxx on Saturday, and I was able to squeeze my squishy thighs and toosh all the way in and close em up! LOL I was actually shocked that I am in a size that is officially not plus size at any store.. I think I may have been in 2nd grade the last time I was not a plus size girl. And I was then too, but I was able to wear junior girls clothes and the like instead of being in the "husky" section.
Anyways, I wanted to share my joys with you all!

I had a great time this weekend.. Friday night I hung out with my friend Rosanne.. we went to the gym and out to have a healthy dinner. Saturday morning, Jil came over for awhile.. we went to pick up our pottery at Young at Art, drove around taking pictures of VW bugs, and went to Luby's for lunch. Then, I managed to spend almost $200 at TJ Maxx. It would have been more if I hadn't put back half of what I wanted! LOL Saturday evening we went to Scream World, a haunted house in north Houston. Wow, that was fun! My friend gave us free passes, so I think it was more fun not having to pay $35 each for a 20 minute screamfest! Then on Sunday, I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival. (See above pic with two barbarian beauhunks! woo hoo!) I had never been before, and wow! If you love to people watch, this is certainly your place!

I need to weigh and measure again, but I did not eat well at the RenFest, and mother nature is mean to me this week.. So I will post an update on that again soon. For now, knowing I can wear a 12 is good enough for me! :P Oh yeah, I fit into a size M top as well! woo hoo!! Unforunately, I may be in a training bra again by the time I am done losing weight.. ugh!

Ok,I'm off for now!
xoxo to all! :)

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Kim H. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so proud of you! I can't believe that you hadn't ever been to the Ren Fest before - it is fun, but since my hubby grew up down to the road from there... he won't ever go with me. It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!