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Falling Apart!

I'm highly, HIGHLY frustrated lately.   First of all, my back is killing me.  I think I injured it in Zumba... no fault to Zumba, but I went on an evening where I was feeling kind of sick (killer headache, exhausted, etc)..  I am one of those all or nothing people (working on it, but still a little overzealous) so I figured I'd force myself to go anyway.  Well, all of the jumping and bouncing and quick direction changes really messed me up.   I can't sneeze without going into back spasms! :(   

Anyway, enough of the bitching..    I am improved over yesterday, so IF I am feeling better tomorrow, I will resume workouts.   

Wednesday was my WW meeting.   I chose to use my No Weigh In pass.   My psyche can't handle anything but a decent loss this week, especially with me mourning my workouts.  I DID go to the meeting though.   And I'm glad I did.    The topic was about taking it slow...  slow and steady wins the race.    Well, I needed to hear that this week.   Just like with going to church... sometimes you just feel like the message of the day was made especially for you! :-)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.    I will be taking it easy... maybe. :)


Bringing Pretty Back said...

You poor thing! I hope your back feels better soon!
I need to resume workouts too! But, my back isn't hurting. I have no excuse!
Have a pretty day!

Chris H said...

I hope your back is feeling much better now chick.

Rachel said...

I hope your back is better and that you had a good weekend!

If you make it to Dallas for a Stars game, let me know. I know the secret free parking spots!!