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Two Blogs for the Price of One!

Today I met with Dr. W for my 6 month follow up appointment. My labs were good for the most part - my Vitamin D was still a little low, but much improved over last time. My liver functions were on the high side, which he said is likely from working out the day before. He sent me over to Labcorp today to check those levels one more time. My blood pressure was perfect.. everything was great!
Then, I asked him about my knee xray that I had in January - I never got the results for it. Come to find out, I have arthritis in both knees! That totally sucks! He said that losing weight may help it, and just keep working out.. when it hurts, lighten up! I can also take liquid Tylenol before my workouts to help with pain.
He said that my progress was “remarkable”, so I’m excited for that. I guess i should stop getting frustrated so easily!
Ok - just wanted to give you all an update!
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