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10 Pounds

In 10 pounds, I will be "normal" as far as the BMI charts go. And you know what? It's really true.. the last 10 pounds are the hardest. My ultimate goal is 145, but the 10 lbs will put me at 154, which is the highest "normal" weight. I'll take it at this point! lol
I went to Weight Watchers yesterday and had a 0.2 lb gain. I was devastated.. why? No clue! I could have gone to the restroom and re-weighed and probably been fine.. but I was really bummed about it! And honestly I should be surprised that it was only 0.2. I had gone to Charleston for a business trip for 3 days the week before and ate like a pig.. and then Saturday night I had a massive drink... So, had I not done these terrible things, I bet I'd probably be in the 150s.. UGH!
I need to get back on the ball with things. I've done very well today. I've snacked a little, but nothing compared to what I have been. Wish me luck!
Sorry this is so random and garbled.. I'm grumpy today! lol


Janine said...

How does Weightwatchers cope with your having had a gastric bypass? Are they still supportive? I would have thought that they would have had that typical "looked down" approach that so many of the diet industry has.

Jil said...

You have done so well and I know these 10 pounds make you crazy...but you will get there, I am sure of it...

Love you my little sister from another mister...


Kim H. said...

You CAN do it!! I know you can... just hang in there a little longer - and then I hope to be invited to the party for hitting goal!

Heather said...

You are doing GREAT and you'll be there in NO time! By the way, I want to be invited to the "goal" party too!