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Money Doesn't Grow On Trees!

Hello my favorite people! This isn't really a post about losing weight, or trying to lose weight, but it is about cutting the fat in my life.. the extra money I spend! I'm trying so hard to get out of debt, and I've made several changes recently:
  • Lowered the minutes on my mobile phone ($10/month savings)
  • Removed a few other features on my mobile ($5/month savings)
  • Lowered internet plan with Comcast from $45.95 to $24.95 ($21.00/month savings)
  • Canceled movie channels with Comcast ($25.00/month savings)
  • Called a credit card company to ask for a lower interest rate, since they were trying to kill me... They went from 22.99% to 18.99% - still crappy, but better than before!
  • Canceled my home phone ($38/month savings)
  • Called my auto insurance place to get my defensive driving discount ($12.00/month savings)

Soo... I'm now saving roughly $110 a month!
Anyone else have any good ideas?

I don't eat out very often. I definitely slowed down on my clothing purchases since I've been stuck in the same 10 lb range forever..

Hope to hear some good ideas from you all!
As far as my credit cards go, I'm doing the debt snowball that Dave Ramsey suggests. :-)

hugs to all!!


~me~ said...

hey there.. i've been following your blog (love it!), but this is the first time i've posted.

how did you get a cheaper internet plan from comcast? $42.95 seems to be all they offer - did you have to ask for something specific?


Jil said...

I am really proud of you...I know what hard work you are putting into this and the sacrifices you are making.

I guess I just want you to know that I think you are doing a great job!


Kim H. said...

Great stuff there! I was going to suggest Dave Ramsey's program - but you're already on it... it truly has changed my life! Just be patient and you'll get there. HUGS!

Heather said...

Wow! You're looking for our suggestions when you've done SO much! You've got me thinking about all the things I need to cut. Now I need to look into the Dave Ramsey program too. If I come up with any ideas, I'll definitely share. But right now, you've given ME the ideas!

You're doing an excellent job at saving. I say keep it up and be excited when you get to see the results!!!

Meghan said...

I'm impressed! It's strange how getting disciplined about weight translates into getting disciplined in other areas too!

I've been making my own coffee instead of buying it on the way to work, cooking 6 nights per week, packing Lee's lunches (I was already packing mine)... it all adds up!

Beth Smith said...

I find you can cut costs with groceries, eating cheap (dried beans, rice ect ect) is a good way to save money. Hubby and I went on a strict money diet last year and were able to pay off all our student loans! It's a great feeling.

Krys Tros said...

The libraries here in Houston are awesome, I quit buying books and we "rent" movies from the library. They even have CD's.