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Product Review: JEWELS!!!

Good morning all!
Sarah over at LuShae Jewelry contacted me about her online store, and after looking at her gorgeous items, I jumped on it!

After looking through all of my choices, I chose a beautiful ring, that I pictured above. I received my ring within 3 days, which is amazing on it's own! When I opened the package, I was very impressed! The ring is just as beautiful in person as it is on the website.

I really like that the website provides you with several pictures of each piece, with one being next to a 1 inch "ruler" so you have an idea how big the piece actually is. I have been very disappointed many times in the past on how the size was distorted in the catalog or online!
All in all? I am quite impressed with this company, and would be happy to order from them in the future! Check out their selection!
Here's the link: LuShae Jewelry


Chris H said...

Wow that is a really gorgeous ring! What sort of stone is that???

Laurie (GastricGirl.com) said...

It's an aquamarine CZ stone. I love the classic look of the ring.. very pretty!