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A Breakup Letter

Dear Evil Scale,
I am sick of you running my life and basing my self worth on what you tell me each morning, afternoon and evening. I will no longer let you decide how I feel about myself. Our relationship must end, and although I need you in my life, you will not control my life. I will visit you once a week instead of three times per day until I can get over my obsession with you.
I hope you understand that this MUST be done for my own sanity, along with the sanity of my friends who have to tolerate hearing about how poorly you treat me every day! Our love/hate relationship has been an interesting one over the past 13 months, but now it's time to live life on MY terms. I will make the right choices in life and THAT'S WHAT MATTERS!
Love/hate always,


Anonymous said...

As you know, my scale and I are also on a break. I knew all day yesterday that this was coming, but sometimes it's hard to let go. I really wanted to see what she had to say to me last night, but I resisted and this morning things ended abruptly when I threw her in the closet. I can't see her and not want to give her the opportunity to validate, or crush as the case has been lately, my progress, beauty, and self-worth. We will both make it through and maybe we can start slow with a double date on Monday! Hang in there sista!

Jil said...

I had a disfunctional relationship with my scale too and at one point, I couldn't live without its validation but I am glad to report, I only see it now when I think about it...usually one or two times a week. I think we are both happier. You will be too...

Kim H. said...

Oh man - I sooo need to break up with mine too! I continue to drag myself in there almost every morning just to be let down and feel completely defeated. ARG!

SignGurl said...