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Weekend Update

Well, it's Monday again... ::sigh::
I had a nice weekend though with the exception of a few bumps in the road!
Jil came over Friday night and we had a little slumber party.. woo hoo! We went to return a few things and ended up going to sleep pretty early b/c of the OH Conference..
Then Saturday, we went to the OH Conference with our friend Rosanne. I had a great time, got to meet a lot of great people, and left feeling motivated to get this last 20+ pounds off of me. It made me realize how much I need a support group, especially now that this weight is becoming more and more stubborn about falling off of me. There were some fantastic speakers there, and if the OH conference ever comes to your area, GO! You will leave feeling like a new person.
We didn't stay for the casino night and dance afterwards, and went pickle shopping and clothes shopping as well. There are the most awesome pickles at Droubi's Market on Hillcroft. I must say, amazing.. and I'm not a pickle person.. well, now I am, but it's because of these damn pickles! Then we went to the Cypress Outlet mall.. It's nice trying on clothes and liking how they look on me.. huzzah! Soon after though, I lost my wallet. I had all my credit/debit cards in there, as well as my license and social security card.. I know you're not supposed to keep your social with you, but I had it, and now I have to replace it.. UGH! I had cash too, but it was only about $30-35, so not too terrible. I did get all my cards cancelled before they were used, so that's great news! :)
Sunday I woke up with a nasty headache, but I took a Maxalt and all was good within an hour or so.. I got a lot of work done for my garage sale this weekend, so I'm grateful for that. And thanks to Jil for helping me so much.. you rock! WOO HOO!
Wow, I'm rambling... I bet it's the coffee! lol
Well, I better get back to work for now...
Til next time! :)

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Kim H. said...

I can't believe that about your wallet - that stinks!! I am glad though that you figured it out and cancelled everything before it was used!

I'd love to hear more about what you heard at the conference...