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30 for 30 Challenge Update

Well, as tired as I was yesterday, I did my 30 minutes of activity yesterday evening.. I left my house around 9:00 pm to go to the gym. Let me just say, it was a sucky ass work out! I had no energy, but I managed to make it through.
Oh, Heather! I forgot to tell you, I started it yesterday, but start it today or tomorrow or whenever, and I'll tack on a few days to the end so we can support each other throughout! :)

I am extremely ADD at times, especially at the gym. If my head is not into it, I'll fight myself the whole time and it turns into a hard workout. I'm going to try to remedy this by changing up my workouts a lot. Tomorrow, I am going to try a shadowboxing class at 24 Hour Fitness. I may even attempt a spinning class, which the thought of just scares the crap out of me! Fitness HAS to be fun to become a habit though, so I'm looking forward to having a variety of great activities over the next month and seeing what I like best.

I think in my previous life (aka pre-op), I thought if you owned exercise videos, you could lose weight. I have sooo many, and half aren't even opened. Here's a small list of the variety of DVDs I have that I can use for exercise:
  • Billy Blank's Boot Camp
  • Turbo Jam (about 10 different ones)
  • Hip Hop Abs
  • The Firm (with body bar and step)
  • Bosu Ball workouts
  • Yoga
  • Windsor Pilates

Ha! Maybe one of these days I'll actually do all of these as well. I have done the Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs.. and they're actually quite fun! Maybe I'll use these for the days like last night - where I have to get my workout in, but the lack of energy and gusto is just overwhelming. At least I forced myself to do something!

Work still sucks completely. It's a challenge making it through the day without crying. But, I'm trying to be positive, and fake it till I make it!


Heather said...

Yeah for you!!! I, too, can say I started yesterday. I went for a FULL one hour workout (can I count that for today too? JK)! So, I'm with you on this! I think I'm going to pull out the exercise videos too and use them on the "non-gym" days. I think this will be a ton of fun and it will keep us on our toes!

Sorry that work is icky. If it helps . . . I feel your pain! Faking it till we make it! What a great motto!!!

Have a wonderful day! Can't wait to hear about what sort of exercise fun you have in store next!


Liza said...

Good for you Laurie! I absolutely hate exercise :( I know I need to work on that to get where I want to be in this process, but I just hate it so much! LOL

Kim H. said...

I'm completely impressed that you got yourself to the gym that late at night - I TOTALY would have just gone to bed... so right there - that is a victory!

jessi said...

I, too, have trouble getting through work without a breakdown! We can support each other!
congrats on your challenge - i need to do that too!

Change for Good said...

I'm getting ready to post about my workout! :) Glad you are doing the challenge. Your story is awesome!!!!


Donna said...

You know there is a lot to what you said about being right in the head for your workout. Your state of mind can drag the workout on, or if you force yourself to think of it in positive terms, you can make them fly by!

Always remember 2 things:

1) Whatever you're doing at the gym, it will never be as hard as the last time you did it.

2) No matter how hard you're kicking and screaming to get yourself there, you'll always feel better after!

Inspiration said...

You're right-- fitness has to be fun if you are gonna stick with it! I love working out now and I have all the same old home exercise videos, which I NEVER did. There is something about being in a gym class with people that puts on the pressure to perform and not hit "pause" while you go get a snack :)
BTW,I LOVE the new picture...look at those collarbones!

Kim said...

It cracks me up about the exercise vids making you lose weight by owning them! I apparently thought that too as I still have some still in the wrapper!