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Happy Monday!!

You know that saying - "Fake it till you make it"? Well, that's what I'm doing today. Today I am a very CHEERFUL, NON STRESSED person!! WHOO HOO! LOL
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine, albeit way too short, as usual, was nice! Saturday I went dress shopping with my friend whose wedding I am in. We picked the first dress we tried on, and first pair of shoes we tried on.. how's that for luck? LOL It's a really pretty silvery silk dress, which I would definitely wear again! I'm excited! And, what's even better, I was going to take in a size 10 and 12 into the fitting room... and they were out of 12 so I started to panic. Well, the 10 was too big, and I ended up needing an 8! :) That was a nice suprise. I just have to make sure I gain absolutely no weight in the next 4 months.. It's not like I want to, but even a few pound gain could be bad, since this dress fits me PERFECTLY right now. After dress shopping (and self tanning cream shopping for my paleness), we went to a great restaurant, Restaurant Ronit.. WOW, it was divine.. I had beef stroganoff, and they have a Tapas menu, which i guess means small.. haha b/c it's the perfect size entree for us C&P girls. :) My friend took the picture of me above at the restaurant.. haha
Saturday night, John and I went out with Michelle and David.. we went to Cheesecake Factory, and it was so tasty. I love that place.
Sunday, we all went to the gym, and I tried to do my 45 minutes on the elliptical, but failed miserably.... Ladies and gents, a bite of cheesecake and 2 jerky nuggets does not fuel your body for a workout! LOL I made it 30, and did my crunches and a few other machines.. then I got back on for my last 15 minutes.. whew! So I did do it all, but had to break it up... I need to get better about fixing a good breakfast, that's for sure! haha Later on Sunday, John and I went up to Buffalo, TX which is halfway between Houston and Frisco, where my sister lives.. we exchanged my mom, as she was staying with my sister for a few weeks, and now she's back in Houston.
Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell. Today I am focusing on keeping a good attitude regardless of my work surroundings, not eating when I'm stressed, and making it to the gym this evening!
Looking forward to catching up on blogs as I eat lunch! :)


Kim H. said...

What a great surprise!! I have faith that you'll still fit in it when the wedding comes around... and if not - there's always SPANX. :-)

Janine said...

What a fantastic shot of you. Look at the collarbones on you!!! The poke out a mile! And your smile is to die for as always.

Kim said...

You're so doggone cute! Great pic! And what a great surprise to be able to go with the size 8! That would have made the weekend amazing right there!

Heather said...

What a great photo!! Sounds like a GREAT time! You'll look fabulous in the dress. You had just better hope you don't get too trim to be able to wear it! ;-)
(power of positive thinking, right?)