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Rain Rain, GO AWAY! - AND, New Challenge!

Wow, this weather in Houston SUCKS right now. It's been flooding since last night, and of course, work doesn't get cancelled or even give us the option to come in late. GRRRR!!!!

So, I get here at 9:15, which is a little late, but better than never I guess. I'm just ready for the spring weather we're supposed to have this time of year!

Last night, I went to purchase the dress and shoes for my friend's wedding. On Saturday, when we tried it on, it was $150. When I went yesterday to purchase, it was on sale for $74.99. SCORE! It's a really pretty dress.. I like it a lot! I got the shoes too, so I'm all set for the wedding. I just need to work on trying to tan (which for me, is next to impossible!) Here's a pic with me and one of the other bridesmaids trying on our dress! :) Of course, the other two bridesmaids are a size 2! LOL
Oh, I've also accepted a challenge on another blog that I read - It's a 30 for 30 Challenge. Basically, a challenge to get 30 minutes of activity every day for 30 days. I'm up for it, and I start today. Anyone else in?


Anonymous said...

I've told you this before, but it's been awhile so I'll tell you again...you are so pretty. So pretty. And I'm very jealous that you can wear a sleeveless dress! My arms are so gross looking that I can't even imagine!

Laurie said...

I'm in, I think I can do 30 mins a day, I have been doing 55 broken up, but a pure thirty straight. I will do my best!!


Dina said...

You look amazing!

Kim H. said...

I love the dress! It's very cute, and you could def wear it again! :-)

Hang in there - I'm working from home today because of the crazy weather... so be careful going home.

30x30 sounds good... I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Heather said...

You look FABULOUS!!! What a beautiful wedding this will be!!!

Ok, 30 for 30, I'm in! Do I need to start today?? :-)

Chris H said...

Awww you look BEAUTIFUL in the dress! Don't go knocking yourself.. you have a fantastic figure.

Kim said...

I may be in for the 30 day challenge...let me go read the rules!
You look lovely in the dress!

Michelle said...

You would have fooled me to say you are not a size 2! You look fablous and I love the dress too :) I am also suntanned challenged, maybe a spray tan or a couple of sessions at a bed before the wedding will solve your dilemna!

Laurie said...

Thank you all so much for the kind words!! :)

Liza said...

I think you look beautiful in that dress!!!