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Health Update

On the plus side, I'm 151.4! LOL

I met with Dr. A (yes, that's the one, Kim H!), and he had me describe my pain. That coupled with the fact that I feel a lot better today after taking a single dose of Prevacid almost completely confirmed to him that it is indeed an ulcer. He does want to make certain, as well as to find out how big, and where it is located, so I have an endoscopy scheduled for Tuesday morning. I was already taking Weds-Friday off of work because my cousin will be in town, so now I have to take another day off... wow, all this vacation time just wittling away! LOL That's ok though, health first!

I left work early yesterday at noon b/c I was hurting so bad, and now it is today at 8:30 almost and I'm making up my hours and trying to get a ton of stuff done so I'm not causing my ulcer to grow gargantuan out of stress!

Anyways, just wanted to throw a quick update out there. I'll update again Tuesday after I get out of my post anesthesia loopiness fest!

Hugs to all!


Janine said...

Aww, sorry to hear you are having another health issue. LOL, a this rate there won't be any procedures left for you or I to have......Hope you start feeling a little better. Hugs Janine

Glam,Glitz&Gut said...

Hope you feel better soon <3

Chris H said...

Well at least you know what is wrong... I hope that it's only a little ulcer and you can be fixed easily!

Kim H. said...

He did my endoscopy and I'm telling you - it was EASY! The people there in that area of the hospital were phenominal too... it was probably my best experience there at Mem City.