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I'm glad that I have Friday off this week.. it's been a helluva week already, and it's only Tuesday.

Yesterday, I left work at noon because I'm still having bad stomach pains. I saw Dr. W yesterday, and he seems to think it's an ulcer as well. He referred me to a gastroenterologist that I'll be seeing today at 2:15. I'm guessing that I'll have to have a scope done to confirm or rule out an ulcer, and we'll go from there. I'm actually not feeling too terrible today. I've been eating graham crackers and saltines.. and having lunch meat/tuna/cottage cheese for my protein. I'm just trying to stick to things that don't make me feel like crap. I did a liquid diet for a day last week, and that day I felt fine, but the next day I felt like poo again.. SIGH

Poor John even got to see me cry for the first time this weekend.. I'm just so sick of feeling bad. I wasn't even feeling terrible at that moment, but it's just a lot of discomfort and it got the better of me.

Anyways, that's about it for now. I'll post another update soon when I know more.


Jil said...

So sorry girlness...you will feel better in no time...

love ya madly, badly, sadly and gladly...Jil

Kim H. said...

Does the gastrointerologist's name start with an A? I can't remember the exact name of the guy I saw last year, but I really liked him... if he's in the same building as Dr. W... but on the first floor - it's probably the same guy. I'm praying that he can get you some answers.

Salted with Shadows said...

I hope you feel better soon...