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How Do You Deal with Stress?

Old Laurie would scarf down whatever she could get her hands on when stress is present.. or boredom... or happiness... you see the pattern.

My question to you is:  What do you do to handle and deal with stress, boredom, etc.?   

I'll follow this post with a new post that puts everyone's answers for easy access!

Thanks for your help!! :)


Janine said...

Oh I so need to learn this stuff - I still don't cope with boredom and stress well at all!!!!

Looking forward to seeing peoples responses

TJ said...

Yep- Old Tj would raid the pantry! So weird that stress = eating for so many people!

So what was hard for me on this journey was that I stopped working around the same time I started and it was not easy having the fridge/kitchen all to my self. No one would know if I ate an extra slice of cheese (or 2) right? I guess I had to ask myself WHY was I up looking for something to eat. I planned meal times 8-12-6 and added in snacks as needed but if I got up and went to the pantry or fridge just to look in I just asked myself the simple question, " ARE YOU REALLY HUNGRY?" Most of the time the answer was no. :)

TJ said...

oopps I was not finished! lol

So I make sure I drink a big glass of water if I get the wandering munchies. lol Dehydration can make you feel hungry.

If I am still hungry I reach for a piece of fruit or make a cup of tea- sometimes just the process of preparing the tea takes my mind off of the stress or boredom that caused me to reach for food in the first place.

Donut Diva said...

I can't say I have overcome my eating for boredom or stress but what works for me is going upstairs and getting away from the kitchen. If I am sitting on the couch the kitchen is only a few steps away but if I am upstairs I'm not going to get out of bed to eat a snack. That would be too much of a consious effort to ruin my hard work.

Falon said...

Oh gawd. I can still snack when stressed or reach for a starbucks. I also have added running to really angry music and of course the classic technique of list making. If I write my next move down, somehow I am in more control and feel less stressed. Oh, my husband spoons me too- until I feel the angst melt away.

Seeing in colour said...

I bite my nails.... ahahah but when im being good in controlling stress i paint :)

Sparkler said...

I eat yummy food and if I can't do that, then I drink yummy wine...hmmm not good for the waist line.

I'm currently both stressed and bored and eating is really not so much of a pleasure because my band is currently super-tight (which I appreciate as it is curbing the eating...but I have been thinking longingly of the wine in my cupboard...don't worry it's not coming out to play because I'm determined to make the scale move! But it is making me feel a bit fed up tonight. So not worth the calories though.

I need to kick myself up the butt and get back to some exercise...must be 3 weeks now! That's a much better stress and boredom reliever. xx

Chris H said...

I eat!

The Sheltons said...

I read inspirational blogs, such as yours ;) I do tend to eat, however, which is a big problem for me. I always want salt when I am at my most stressed. And caffeine, but I am working to break these habits. It really is difficult when you don't have alternatives. Both my husband and I work long days, I'm in graduate school, and we're also dealing with the terrible twos -- it makes for some stressful days and nights! I try to focus on the good things in the day, such as a big hug from my daughter or a smile from a stranger.