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WW Weigh In!

My first meeting was on a Saturday and I decided that I think Wednesday meetings would be better for me.  I was nervous to weigh in, as it had only been 4 days since my first weigh in, and I was going in the evening, instead of before I even have a sip of water.   Well, regardless of all of that, I was down 1.4 lbs!    My new weight is 167.6.  I am officially less than 15 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight of 153.  Why 153? Well, it puts me in my normal range, and that is the lowest weight I've ever seen myself at.  So, I know it can happen.  The cool thing is that my 10% goal is my ultimate goal too... Wahoo! :)

I am so glad I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers.  I need the accountability of going in and facing the music on a weekly basis, and it forces me to track.   If I do it "on my own", it's so easy for me to just skip a day tracking, and if I miss one day, I'm done..  I know how my mind works!

Yesterday's meeting was about secret eating, binging, etc.  It was great for me.   As you all know, I had RNY gastric bypass, so if anything goes in my mouth, people like to critique it.  I eventually started snacking in my car, or stopping on the way home to get a snack, or eating a lot more in the evenings since John isn't like that with me.   It isn't my meals that I've had trouble with, it's all the snacking.  With WW, I'm conscious of my snacking, and plan accordingly.  My job is nice enough (ha!) to provide us with free snacks, free drinks, etc. This week we were even provided with a fajita lunch for our accounting close.   I have been great at avoiding the foods I shouldn't be eating (are the points worth spending? Usually no!).  I haven't even been too tempted, which means I think I'm finally in a good mindset again.  I'm re-teaching myself to differentiate between hunger and cravings.    Having weight loss surgery will NOT fix your head, and I'm starting to wonder if it messes your head up more than you started!  

On another note - I have been reading everyone's blogs, but for some reason I haven't been able to comment on most of them.  We have a massive web page blocker system at work, and I think it's blocked going to the comment link.. It wants me to log in, and then once I do, I go back to the log in screen.  So, I really apologize that I haven't been commenting on blogs very much, but please know I AM reading!!!  I may have to rearrange my schedule at home a bit so I have some reading/writing time at home!



Sparkler said...

Well done Laurie, It must take an extra big effort to get refocused when you are so close to goal and you've already achieved so much. Good on you for finding something to help you do that! Can't wait till I'm on the home stretch.xx

Rachel said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you! That is awesome. I know you can do it! :)

I understand about snacking at work. My department always has cake or ice cream for someone's birthday, work anniversary, etc. There are 80 people in my department so we have "sweets" almost every week. And if someone makes a cake or pie at home, they always bring the leftovers up here. I keep carrot sticks in the fridge so I snack on those instead. I get the strangest looks from my co-workers!

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Falon said...

WOO HOO You are on your way girl!

smentha said...

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Jen said...

Congrats, Laurie! Have a great weekend!

Traci said...

Glad for you to be going back to WW. The accountability is great. Hopefully it gives you what you're looking for.

Christine said...

So how are you going to fix the snacking problem, if you feel like you need to do it in secret to avoid the comments? Are you going to (1) stop snacking or (2) tell people to piss off, or (3) something else? Just wondering... :-)

Laurie (GastricGirl.com) said...

Christine - I am bringing healthy snacks to work, such as watermelon, Texas Caviar, etc... So, they can just piss off if I get some looks, or I can give them some looks as they scarf down Famous Amos cookie. :)

I Said So... said...

Good job on going to WW. I think I may join too.

Keep going!

Heather said...

YEAH!!! Congratulations on the loss with WW! I have a snacking problem too that I'm trying to curb that too.

I cannot wait to hear about all of the success with this program!