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Thursday 13: Movies I Haven't Seen!

According to my boyfriend and many of my friends, I should be ashamed that I've never seen some of these movies.   Some, I'd like to see, but I have never gotten around to.  Others, I have no desire!  
  1. Titanic - Am I the only American who has never seen Titanic?  Or maybe in the world? I know what happens, and have no desire to see it!   I don't like crying in movies.. ha!
  2. Lord of the Rings - This upsets my boyfriend greatly.   I actually have seen the first one, but none of the rest.   I would like to see them one day, but now I'm not allowed to watch them until the extended versions come out on Blu-Ray!
  3. The Notebook - Am I the only girl alive who hasn't seen this?  I would like to one day, but who knows when!
  4. Annie - Nope, never seen Annie.   I'm sure this is a great one to watch, but again, haven't gotten around to it!
  5. Confessions of a Shopaholic - I LOVED these books, but I'm nervous to watch the movie because I'm afraid it will be screwed up. 
  6. Breakfast at Tiffany's - Would like to see this one day, but still haven't!
  7. Somewhere in Time - Not sure how I feel about seeing this one.... I've heard it's amazing though!
  8. Interview with the Vampire - I'm not a Brad Pitt fan, but with loving the Twilight books, I have an interest in vampire flicks now! lol
  9. The Dark Knight - I was a big Heath Ledger fan, and I think this may be too eerie for me to watch. I'll get over it one day and watch it!
  10. Braveheart - My boyfriend loves this movie and has tried to get me to watch it for some time... still hasn't happened yet! Muahaha!!
  11. Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - I really really want to watch this one, as it's probably one of the better ones.. one day!
  12. Indiana Jones (any of them) - Nothing against them, just need to have a movie marathon one day!
  13. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Not sure if I want to see this either!
There you have it!  There are many, many more that I haven't seen, but this is a start! :)

I hope you all have a very happy Thursday!!
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Bandita Senorita said...

The Notebook is another movie where most people cry unfortunately. I really liked it (and Titanic too). I've never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've had people explain some elements of it, but I don't think you must be able to 'get it' unless you see it.

Anne said...

I can't believe you haven't watch those yet hehehe... Thanks for visiting. Go watch Dexter! XD

I am Harriet said...

A few of those were worth missing. Breakfast and Titanic are worth it though.

Have a great Thursday!

Pamela said...

There's a couple of this list that I have not seen but that's because they don't really appeal to me. I read a little of your blog and I'm a fellow Weight Watcher - I'm doing the online program and I love it. Do you use the e-Tools for journaling?

Have a great week.

Pamela said...

Whoops, that should be "on" this list!

Jennie said...

I *tried* to watch LOTR multiple times. I just couldn't get into it. Literally put me to sleep. (And I feel like the only person who feels this way!)

Interview with a Vampire is NOTHING like Twilight. (But I only watched it once when I was way to young to be watching it and it traumatized me!)

Definitely see Annie & Braveheart! And imo, The Last Crusade is the best of the Indian Jones movies.

Fun list!

TJ said...

WOW! I've seen all but #13! You gotta watch The Notebook!!! Have tissues with ya. :) lol I like the Indiana Jones movies too! :)

Janet said...

I loved the Dark Knight!!! Heath did a fantastic job, I could barely keep my eyes off him. There's another movie he did, was in the middle of doing when he passed, called The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassas...Johnny Depp, Jude Law & Colin Farrell stepped in to finish the movie in Heath's place...and it worked amazingly well!

I saw the second LOTR about 26 times LMAO! My favorite is the first tho :-)

Jen said...

Yes, I think you're the only person who has yet to see Titanic and The Notebook! :)

Tricia said...

Well, definitely don't see Rocky Horror Picture Show unless you like things that are FUN and AWESOME. As it is both of those things.

jillconyers said...

I've seen Rocky Horror Picture Show 72 times and no you're not alone with Titanic. I haven't seen it either. Loved Braveheart and have seen all of the Star Wars movies. Fun list.

Christine said...

No Rocky Horror Picture Show? Oh, the sadness!!!

"toucha-toucha-toucha-touch me! I wanna feel dirrrrrrty!"

C'mon, you GOTTA love lyrics like that!

Adelle Laudan said...

You have to see The Notebook. Interesting you missed so many classics.
Happy Blated T13!

Divaa D said...

the ntebook and bravehart i wanna see tooo :(

What You Could Not Ask

Forgetfulone said...

I saw Rocky Horror as a teenager, but I don't think I would enjoy it as much without going to the theater with audience participation. I've seen most of these and most of them are pretty good!