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Weekend Recap and First WW Meeting

Hello to you all... wow, I think this may be my first time ever blogging on a Sunday! LOL  
I had a nice busy weekend..  Friday, John and I helped some of our friends their move..  then, on Saturday I had my first WW meeting (more on that below), then went with my friend to help her choose stuff on the house she's building.   It was a lot of fun, but it was even stressful to me, and I'm not the one buying the house!  You have to choose everything down to what the faucets look like.. GEEZ!!   Saturday evening, John and I went back to help our friends with their move again..  They ended up moving a week earlier than they had originally planned, so they weren't really too prepared!    John is actually over there now helping with some other things.    Today, I slept till 11 am for the first time in ages, and after that I went grocery shopping for my mom, then took her to pick up John's birthday present.   Then, I did my shopping.  I went to Costco and HEB (LOVE THOSE STORES!).    I was getting some crazy looks because I was writing on all of the packages as I put them into the cart - I figured it'd be easier to write down my points values then and there since I was looking them all up anyways! lol    Now, I'm just working on laundry that has been ignored for 2 weeks... blah!

On to my meeting! I had planned to hit the 7 am meeting, and then my 8:30 am Muscle Blast class, but we didn't get home from helping our friends on Friday night until 1:30 in the morning...  ouch!   Needless to say, that did NOT happen!  Instead, I hit the 8:30 am meeting.  I really enjoyed the leader - she was energetic and funny. I need both, especially early in the morning!  The meeting was about treats vs. snacks.    I am a snacker unfortunately, so this was a good meeting.  Basically, treats have no nutritional value and don't fix your hunger.   Treats = Head Hunger and  Snacks = Real Hunger  So, when I went shopping today, I was mindful of that, and I made some great choices for snacks for the week.  I stayed for the orientation after the meeting and went on my merry way!

I didn't get back home after my meeting to compare scale accuracy (yes, I'm neurotic about that stuff), so I don't know where my scale is in line with that.  When I signed up online, I weighed at 169.8 in the buff that morning.   When I weighed in on Saturday, I was at 169 even (wearing clothes).   So right off the bat, I end up going from 23 points a day to 22..   LOL!    It's a good thing though!

Anyway, I really think that at the very least, this will give me new focus and help me finally get to my ultimate goal weight.   FINALLY!

This week is going to suck at work.  I'm still playing catch up from vacation since no one helped me while I was out (my choice, as I'm anal like that and want to do it myself), and this week is my normal hellacious week at work.   I hope it's not as bad as I expect it to be though..



Jen said...

Happy Sunday blogging! :)

Glad your first meeting went well! Is WW pretty affordable when you're just doing meetings?

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thank you