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The Amazing Race... at work!

At my job, we have quarterly (more like twice annually) "fun days", which are team building exercises that we participate in. The last one was in November of last year, and was a ROPES course. That was really neat! This one, was an Amazing Race style day. It was lots of fun, but damn, I'm hurting today!

We left the office around 10:45 and headed to Memorial City Mall.. We ate lunch at Beck's Prime and it was delicious!
Then we had about 10 various tasks to do which involved running alll over the mall many, many times:
  • go to the "garden of olives" and find a clue.. which lead us to...
  • Show your Texas Pride by putting a bumper sticker on your shirt, and take a picture with all team members with their stickers... in which we got another clue..
  • One team member had to ride the carousel and get a picture... once we rode, we got another clue.
  • I don't watch the show, but apparently there are "detours" where you pick one of two tasks.. one was Round 1-3 of Dance Dance Revolution, with pictures, or 2 team members had to do 5 laps around the ice skating rink (which is what we chose, thankfully I was not one of those members)
  • Once we finished that, we had to do a memory game and solve a puzzle, and that gave us our next clue
  • Run to Target, and write down prices for about 6 different items around the store. (one of the groups ahead of us played dirty and hid a few of the items and removed the price tags.. grr!!)
  • Next, we had to run to the top of the Dillards parking garage, and sing a song while it was videotaped (we got Mickey by Toni Basil!) LOL
  • After that, the man in our group had to take a picture wearing a veil from a bridal shop.. that was funny!
  • Then we had to find a stranger that would let us paint their nails... I was the lucky painter, and the poor stranger was a good sport! LOL
  • Then, we had to wear a hat, and have a stranger wear some funny glasses.... each of us had to find a different stranger to take a picture with.
  • Then! one of our team members had to eat a bowl of spaghetti without utensils...
  • Then, we had to rent a stroller and run back to the fire place by the skating rink.

If you know Memorial City Mall at all, you know that NONE of this stuff is near each other, so I got plenty of exercise yesterday! OMG! My knee was killing me towards the end and I was limping back to my car! We came in 4th place I think, as we got held up pretty bad with the ice skating event and the missing stuff at Target. It was a lot of fun though, and definitely a good workout! :)

But now... I'm a day further behind at work, and have lots to do!


I will post again later today or tomorrow.. hope everyone is doing great! :)


Kim said...

Wow! I have never had a job that did fun stuff like that! Well, unless you consider the record store in the 80s where we would stand on the counter in the back room, looking for shoplifters through the laddice work while drinking beer! Ah, good times!

Kim H. said...

My goodness - HOW FUN! And I do know Mem City VERY well... that is a long haul. :-)

Tiff said...


That sounds like so much fun. I work for a large company, and we do fun team building events, too...

But, never quite like this one. Thanks for sharing, it was very fun to read... I can imagine how fun and tiring it must have been for you!

Good Catching up with you!