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The Biggest Loser: My Two Cents

I haven't blogged once about the Biggest Loser this season.. Probably because I haven't consistently watched every episode. I've caught the last several episodes on the DVR though, and I think it's a really good season.
Honestly - I think I'll be happy with whoever wins this season. Who do I really want to win? MIKE. I was a Ron hater at first.. but last night changed my mind. He FINISHED a marathon! The fact that he did that, when he was hurting, when he has quit almost every other challenge (that I've seen at least), WOW! I was in awe that he finished it. And Max.. dear Max. I am so proud of him as well. I really hope he ends up on the show next season. If not though, I think that Mike will do whatever it takes to help his brother. I think I was in tears for half the episode.. it was quite heart touching last night!!

Bob or Jillian? I'd love either.. But, Jillian would kick my ass, and that's what I need. Bob is amazing too though... The opportunity to be trained by either of them would rock!!

Tara really deserves to win too... She is absolutely amazing.. I didn't like her at first, but I started to in the last few episodes. She is really determined!

Helen... While she is great, she just whines too much for me. I don't dig whiners. She has come a very long way though and is truly awe inspiring!!

Anyways - that's it in a nutshell for TBL!

As far as life in general goes for me... STRESSFUL!!!! I had a nightmare last night that I couldn't fit in my size 8 dress for my friend's wedding... it fits PERFECT now, and I'm just terrified I'm going to gain some weight and not be able to wear it.. almost to the point where I want to exchange it! AHHHHH!!!! I know I need to use this as a carrot dangled in front of me. Making these next four months amazing and even losing my last 10 pounds.. totally doable, quite possibly. I'm just terrified of the possible weight gain since I'm 19 months out almost. All of this working out makes me RAVENOUS!!! UGH!
Ok, venting done for now... I'm sure I'll be venting a lot more later though! LOL


Donna said...

I was a Tara lover from the start (I like the tough chicks, go figure), but she actually started wearing on me with her whining the last several episodes. Maybe it was just she was hiding so much of her insecurities at first and now is finally letting them go. Props to her tenacious being no matter what.

Loved Ron from the the start; so glad he and Mike touched on the root causes of their emotional pain.

Helen? She makes me want to gag, she's so fake. She's about the money. If she's not, then we'll see what happens when she goes home for 30 days.

I would be happy to see Mike or Tara win.

Bob or Jillian? I would love to work with either, but I heart the tough chicks. :) Girl power, I guess.

Hey, do you work at KBR? I have another reader/post-op who does, just wondering.

Heather said...

I'm with you both (Donna & Laurie)! I have been a faithful watcher this season and my picks to win would be Tara or Mike.

I, too, am proud of Ron. I haven't really liked him because he appears to be a little bit manipulative in areas, but completing a marathon (with all of his issues), that deserves some kudos!!!

I'd take either trainer in a heartbeat. Though, I'm certain Jillian would bring on more tears than Bob!!! :-)

Chris H said...

We used to get the Biggest Loser here.. and now.. not! What a bugger. I loved that show.

I am sure you will lose a bit more weight and fit that dress girl, stop stressing so much!
Working out does increase the appetite, so just watch that!

I used to go to the gym 6-7 days a week for 4 hours! I ate too much as a consequence, then when I got sick I couldn't exercise at all... but kept eating too much...HELLO... 30 kilos gained and I am not happy! *sigh*

Kim said...

Last night was the first time I felt anything other than annoyance at Ron. I was tearful when he finished the marathon. Tara or Mike are who I would like to see win. Tara is a bit insecure, but so dang determined. I hope we see Max next season. I really feel for the kid. As far as trainers, ya'll if you read me, know I have a girl crush on Jill ;)