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Is Cleaning Cheating?

Ok.. so for my 30 in 30 challenge tonight... I started a massive project of cleaning out my closet. Before you say, "Wait, loser, that's cheating.. that's not real activity!" Ask Jil... She'll tell you! LOL
I did listen to my Gym Medlies playlist on iTunes... was dancing (or lack thereof) around a bit as I sorted.. and before I knew it, 30 minutes was up. I want to finish my project, but it's 11:30 almost.. i worked almost 12 hours today, and had a very rough day.. but I do feel accomplished.
A few discoveries in my closet:
  • I own a ghastly amount of purses. Thanks to Jil, my collection is even larger... and needs to be purged!
  • I own an even ghastlier amount of shoes! Again.. thanks to Jil!
  • I've become a bit of a sweater whore post RNY. I have a TON of sweaters... I think I should pack these up until the weather cools down again... Houston evenings stay muggy and humid.
  • I need to try on a ton of clothes to see if they still fit me or fit me now... I had a lot of clothes given to me by one of my friends... So, between the clothes I've purchased and what she's given me, I have a variety of sizes. I am getting rid of anything too big, because I don't want to grow back into them!
  • I have very interesting taste in clothes.. I don't know how to describe it. Maybe American Eagle meets Calvin Klein? lol

Ok... I need to get my ass to bed. Another long day tomorrow, and you all are probably sick of hearing from me! haha


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I think cleaning is a very good exercise and can take some time and effort to get done. I need you at my house, lol. I do the same with big clothest, I tend to give them away so I don't fit into them again.

Kim said...

If you have any size 18s you want to get rid of, let me know! Depending on what you have, I would gladly pay you for them as well as for shipping them!
And I think cleaning totally counts!

Glam,Glitz&Gut said...

Cleaning does count. Trying everything on is double in my book. :)

Tiff said...

Nah, Not cheating.

I found your post ironic. I just arrived home (from shoping) before reading your post. You are lucky to have good friends, like Jil :) who have helped you.

I wasn't that fortunate, most of my friends were heavier. That's not to say that my closet doesn't need cleaned out.

Ironically, I went shopping this afternoon - for spring work clothes. Someone please tell me how I came home with a skirt that is a size 2 .... and two pairs of dress pants... sizes 6 and 8? I don't get it. Walking into the mall, I would have bet money that I was a size 4. The size 8 opened my eyes, and I'm wondering if I havent been spending too much of my medical leave in the kitchen.

I'm not questioning the size 2 skirt. Previously, anything in my closet that had a 2 - was followed by another number.... 22, 24, 26 :)

Heather said...

No WAY is that cheating! In fact, I counted my moving/rearranging/packing on Friday as my 30 minutes! Besides, I'm impressed that you were able to do this all after a 12 hour work day! You are truly amazing!!!!! And look at all you've accomplished! Wanna come clean out my closet? :-)

Laurie said...

Cleaning is an excellent way of multitaking!! "Excercise and Organizing" this could be big.... Get your house in order and burning fat!! Catchy title maybe we could market it! (LOL)I know with 5 people in my house and a dog... there is never a lack of cleaning, scrubbing and organizing.
you keep it up and keep us inspired!