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Even My Axilla Hurts!!!

Ok, for those of you who don't waste time googling muscle terms... the axilla is the underarm muscle!
It's Challenge Day 7.. I've officially made it one week! Only 23 to go! WOO HOO!!
I just got back from the gym.. tonight's activity was.. yes, you guessed it.. the elliptical! I did the interval training tonight, and that punk made me pedal backwards, and I'm not used to doing that crap. So, I got a really really good workout.. ha! I burned 300 calories in 30 minutes.. Doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm cool with it! hehe
Tonight after work I got my monthly massage at Massage Envy. It felt so nice getting my poor, sore, tired muscles and extra skin rubbed... lol It's all in vain though b/c I'm going to be putting the poor lil muscles through hell again tomorrow at the gym.. Today was my off day as far as weights go, b/c i've read countless times that muscles rebuild themselves on their "off" days..
Anyways.. I'm off to shower and try to catch up on my Harry Potter reading.. I'm still only in book 5, and my mom is already 2/3 through book 7!


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I like the elliptical because it doesn't hurt my knees as much. It always good to see a trainer if you can afford it. Great job.

Charlie Hills said...

I've read the whole HP series through at least twice, some books three times, I believe. (When a new book would come out, I'd always re-read the previous two just to "catch up").

Now I'm reading them all again outloud to my daughter. We're also in book 5.

And for what it's worth, your "after" picture looks awesome.

Kim H. said...

I'm so proud of you - you're doing really great!! I've heard that resting your muscles is good too - I think that's why they have you work upper and lower body on different days so that they at least have one day to recover.

Kim said...

I have not had a massage since Christmas, so it is time for one!

Never got into HP, but I do love the Twilight series!

Heather said...

Yes, Yes! Let those muscles rest! I've heard the same thing as Kim. My little trainer says to work out a different muscle group every day to allow for a little "rest" and "rebuilding".

You are amazing! Just thought you should know!

Salted with Shadows said...

I still need to read the last two HP's, even though I bought them when they came out...glad it isn't just me! :)