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I'm Still Alive

Hi ladies and gentlemen! :-)
I'm still unbelievably busy at work, and I'm wondering when it's going to calm down a bit. Then, I started realizing that it's officially the "busy season" where I work.. so a long explanation short, it'll slow down in December! :( At least soon I will only have MY job, not training others. Hopefully! :)

I'm doing crappily on my challenge. I'm getting lots of movement and exercise in, but it's not all at the gym, so I feel like I'm cheating. Yeah, I know, I'm dumb sometimes.. but that's just how I am! Can't help it! LOL Yesterday my "activity" was trying on every item in my closet so my friend could tell me if it looked ok on me or if it was time for retirement. I was able to pass on a large lawn bag of clothing to someone in need (Kim J, I did look for you, but didn't have anything unfortunately! :( ).. Yeah, it was a pain in the butt, but my closet is already looking so much better now. Huzzah! Next week: Purses, shoes and my dresser purging... What fun will that be!? Anyone need purses or shoes? LOL I'm a size 8 in shoes.. may have some 8.5s.

I know it's Tuesday already, but didn't give my weekend update! haha Friday, John and I went to dinner at a little Vietnamese place... sooo yum and so healthy! Then, we went and had a few drinks with some of his work friends.. lol Spoiled that healthiness, didn't I? I DID go to the gym Friday and got a good elliptical session in though.. :)

Saturday, we slept till NOON! I told you guys I've been super exhausted lately, I wasn't kidding!! Soon after we got moving, we headed to Michelle's house for a Harry Potter marathon. I told you I've been reading the series.. I'm finally on Book 7, just one chapter into it, but still! So, we watched movies 2-4.. 5 I have at my house to watch, and 6 comes out in theaters next week.

Sunday, we went to brunch at Baba Yega. It was delicious.. A total waste, but delicious. They have a bad ass buffet, that I have passed over the other two times I've been there, but this time, I wanted to try it, damn it! I didn't get ill, and didn't overeat, and it was just wonderful! They had all sorts of yummy fruit and salad, a meat bar, eggs benedict and florentine, an omelet station, etc. I tried a tiny bit of almost everything. YUM! After that, I finished my HP book 6 that I was on, and took a nap.. You've got to freakin be kidding me... i feel like an old lady with all my naptimes in lately!!! Geez!

Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell? And how was YOUR weeekend? :-)

My personal projects for the week:
  • Step up my challenge and feel good about what I'm doing for activity
  • Step up my water drinking (I confess, there hasn't been ONE day where I've gotten 64 oz of water in post op)
  • Try to find a little more balance with my activities. I'm running myself into the ground, and I don't like feeling like that!

Till tomorrow... I'm still working on catching up on my blog reading as well!

hugs to all! :)
Happy Tuesday!


Jenn said...

Hi there,
I think its great that you're listening to your body and getting rest. Sometimes we all just need to slow down and relax!
Good luck with the water - I have the same problem. I'm trying, but it's really hard to get all those glasses in!

Kim H. said...

Hang in there a little longer but don't be too hard on yourself. :-) I've never really been consistent with my water consumption either.

Janine said...

Wish I had seen you come onto ur server.....I was actually at home yesterday and today so I could have played for a little bit.

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I like the elliptical machine because it puts less pressure on my joints. Great job getting to the gym on a Friday. Water made a big difference in my challenge. Your doing great, hang in there.

Meghan said...

I'm with you on the water... it's ROUGH that 64 oz!

Sleeping til noon... ahhh, divine! Way to give your body what it wants and needs!

Mama Bear June said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job. Keep making healthy choices.
Path to Health

Kirsti said...

Hate to break it to you, but the 6th Harry Potter comes out in July.... sorry !

Susy said...

Same with the water. I do not take in enough! Have a great weekend.

And BTW I love purses. So do you have any that your getting rid of that have a long strap? If you do give me a shout. I love to put my purse strap over my shoulders so my hand are free. Longer strapped purses are very hard to find... cool, let me know. I loved cleaning out my closet. Fat clothes are gone and I'm re stocked in 2 years. Thanks to Goodwill, TJ Maxx, and Ross! :)
I love to shop!