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Weekend, Challenge Update and More!

Hello all of you lovely people in Blogland! :) I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was great, although way too short. Isn't it always though?
Friday after work, I went to the gym with one of my friends from work. I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical plus weight training on my arms. Wow, my poor arms felt like jelly! Afterwards I went to John's and we walked to a restaurant really close to his apartment and had sushi/hibachi for dinner.. YUM! He had me try something new.. OCTOPUS! And it was actually pretty good... I fought him on it a bit, b/c I could see the tentacles and was freaking out, but I had a small, tentacle free piece, and it was good! LOL After that, we watched Taken.. it was REALLY good.
Saturday was an errand day.. I got lots of walking in throughout the day, at least 30-45 minutes worth, so I'm keeping up with my challenge! WOO HOO! Saturday evening, I went with my friend Michelle to the Hard Rock Cafe with some of her friends from Louisiana, and then we went to the Fleetwood Mac concert. It was a good show!
Sunday, John and I went to the gym..... repeat Friday, except this time I did legs and arms for weights since Saturday had no weight training. I'm starting to find muscles... Huzzah!!!! After the gym, we went to go see Wolverine. I really, really liked it! It's hard not to like a movie with Hugh Jackman in it, right? hehe

So far, so good with the 30x30 challenge. This week will be really tough because I'll be working at least 45-55 hours, but if I can make it through this week, I'll be unstoppable! I'll be catching up on reading blogs today as I am able to, and tonight as well! :)

Hope all is well with everyone! :)


Kim H. said...

Fletwood Mac... how cool!! :-) I'm glad that you had such a great weekend. Ours was good too, but yeah - WAY to short!

Kim said...

I am back to the gym today too!

I love Hugh Jackman, but this movie is not my thing and I havent seen the ones before it, but the hubby saw it and loved it!
Don't you hate Mondays?

Janine said...

I so like High jackman - but like Kim I am not sure that this movie is my type of thing.....Hope your Monday is going well

Tiff said...


Congratulations on doing so well with your challenge.

You're sure to inspire others, as well.

Way to go!!!

Heather said...

What a great weekend! And way to go on the finding muscles! I can't wait to find some myself!!!!

You go with your bad 30 for 30 challenge! You're doing amazing!!! Your updates are why I'm still doing it! :-) OH yeah, and I'd hate to let you down!

Here's to a GREAT, productive, and positive week! You CAN do this!!!