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Happy Hump Day

Yeah, so this post has nothing to do with Yoda or Mr. T, but isn't it so freakin cute? In a weird, weird sort of way? Yeah! I thought so too! :-)

Well, I had my healthy baking class last night. It was strange. The chef wasn't the normal one who teaches the classes, her business partner does... so, right there I knew I wouldn't learn a whole lot.
Here's what we made, and my review:
  1. The best healthy ooey-gooey chocolate cake ever - It had potential, but was overcooked by the chef. So instead of being ooey-gooey, it was dry and dense.... But it looked pretty! I may try this again with some changes and see if it turns out better.

  2. Easy and delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting - This was absolutely delicious and didn't taste healthy. It had Greek yogurt and pineapple in it.. and of course carrots. The frosting could have been better, but I'm not a big frosting person to begin with.. I could see making this as a muffin for breakfast sans frosting.

  3. Miniature cherry covered cheesecakes - Again, not a fan. It was alright... but not something I will try to make again.

  4. Scrumptious Peach shortcake - This was alright... Basically a biscuit with peaches and whipped cream, so we learned how to make biscuits.. LOL She used bottled whipped cream, which I thought was odd for a baking class.

I learned a few things, but I think I would learn better from a book.. My issues with baking are measuring properly (when to pack the ingredients, when not to, etc.) and our items were pre-measured for us... and then judging when something is done, and the chef put our items in and removed our items from the convection oven.. Plus, I don't have a convection oven... the recipes were for a conventional oven thankfully... If I got another Groupon, I would probably try another class, but cooking, not baking. I wouldn't pay full price though.

I'll probably post that to Yelp too! HA!

Today we have a work lunch at Grand Lux Cafe... I am thinking that I'll get one of the lunch specials with salmon.. I love salmon, but hate making it at home because of the stench..

I only have to work until 4PM today, so I'm going to hit the gym on the way home... I am not sure if I'm going to do a group class, or visit the elliptical machine for some alone time.. I'm ready to sweat though.

Anyone know any plastic surgeons that want to donate their expertise to a girl who wants to get rid of her bat wings? Just thought I'd check! LOL

Have a lovely day... The week is halfway over... Wahoooooooooooooooooooooo!


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Tricia said...

I hear plastic surgeries are like tattoos and once you get one, you'll want to get more and more of then. Be careful so you don't end up like Heidi Montag.

Sorry the baking class wasn't better. I think I need like a cooking basics class because I'm a real mess in the kitchen. Good thing my boyfriend will eat anything.