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Thursday 13 - My Bucket List

Although I am quite confident that this list is much, much longer than only 13 items, this will be a good start. I've never really thought too much about the things I want to do or accomplish before I kick the bucket.. I've never seen the movie, although I want to!
Anyway - here we go!
  1. Get married and have a family... The getting married part goes without saying, but I really want to experience motherhood, and all that comes with it!
  2. Go ziplining - This looks like soooo much fun! It's exhilarating, yet I'd be connected to something.. I'm too much of a chickenshit to go skydiving! LOL
  3. Go to Europe - I've ALWAYS wanted to go, but funds and time have always limited me.. I'd love to spend a good 6-8 weeks exploring each country!
  4. Compete in a triathlon.
  5. See the Northern Lights.
  6. Go to Disney World (this will be achieved in July! WAHOO!)
  7. Ride a Harley on a road trip (I don't care if I'm the passenger or the driver.. I just want to do it!)
  8. Explore the Hawaiian Islands... I want to see molten lava, the beautiful ocean, and absorb the culture.
  9. Learn how to dance... I have 2 left feet, and two extremely non-coordinated left feet at that!
  10. Get my bachelor's degree - first I need to decide what I want to do when I "grow up."
  11. Scuba Dive... I'm currently terrified of this, but I would definitely give it a shot!
  12. Visit the Grand Canyon - I want to camp, ride the donkey down now that I won't break it, and enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery.
  13. See the pyramids in Egypt.
Wow, this one was WAYYY too easy as well... I think I may have to turn this into a little project and add more to it! I can't wait to check some of this stuff off! :)

Any ideas for me for future Thursday 13's?

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Thursday 13

Happy Thursday to you all! :)


Christine said...

Found you via "Anti-Jared!" I love the bucket list. Many of my bucket list items are the same as yours. You should make a plan to cross at least one of those items off your list THIS YEAR!

Donna said...

Hey girl. Great List and I can certainly help you with the tri part!!! Just say "when"! :)

Thanks for your note. It's been a rough couple weeks, but I'm choosing to let go of the pain and realize letting go of the pain isn't letting go of my beloved BFF. Thanks again.

Tricia said...

I have a lot of those same things on mine. Does that make us cliche or just like really awesome?

JewliaGoulia said...

You list is awesome! I love that you want to explore the world - I want to visit India.

Oh, and a triathlon - YOU CAN DO IT!

I need to make one of these lists.


Janet said...

You could do that alphabet...13 favorite things that begin with A, B, C, etc...that's always fun!

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours! :)

Seems we have a lot of the same items on our "Bucket List"!!

If you need Thursday 13 ideas, you can check some out the old ones on my blog, I've been doing them for a few months now!

Have a great day!

Alice Audrey said...

Scuba diving isn't like zipplinging - which you can do simply by showing up at a place that is set up for it. You have to take lessons and pass a certification procedure before they let you go anywhere interesting. Try snorkeling instead. All the fun and a third the work.

colleen said...

I think Disney World is overrated but the Grand Canyon is not! I'm with you on the Northern Lights!

Kristen said...

Such a fun list. I hope you are able to do them all and still have time to make a few more bucket lists!

Cora said...

Pyramids in Egypt would be awesome to see. :)

the names j e n n a said...

Love the list! I'd also love to do several. Thanks for stopping by my blog (:

xoxo j e n n a

Hootin' Anni said...

Hmmmmm, you didn't list buying the bucket! I'd need that on the top of my list.

Mine is HERE if you'd like to make time to visit with me!!

jillconyers said...

Great list! A few I've done and a few I would love to do.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

You NEED to see the movie! I am starting a bucket list as well@! Ziplining will be on my list too! I think you have a great list! I would love to see the pyramids too! I did see the grand canyon.breathtaking.
Have a pretty night!

Chris H said...

Neat list... I think I will make a 'Bucket List' too!

Adelle Laudan said...

Great list. I love that you want to ride a Harley. If you're in my neck of the woods one day, I'm sure I can make it happen.
Congrats on the weight loss!

Happy T13!

gel said...

That's quite an interesting bucket list. I didn't realize there's a movie about this!
(The things one learns from blogs! :D) Ironically, I was given the chance to try ziplining in the next couple of weeks, but I admit to being to fearful of heights for that, even though I WISH I COULD FEEL THE EXHILIRIATION from being so free, like Flying!

I can climb and hike, but I need my feet firmly planted on the ground.)Keep us posted when you fulfill something from your bucket list.

Roux Gastric Bypass said...

I just started reading your blog; I am inspired now to create my own bucket list. I guess I had one of sorts prior to my surgery, but now my life has changed. My previous bucket list was limiting due to my size, but that is not the case anymore!

Thanks for the great read...


Jia said...

Great bucket list & great Thurs 13! I can definitely recommend seeing the Grand Canyon ... its breathtaking!