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Highly Irked!

I'm frustrated... I have had zero energy for the past few weeks. Just getting up and going to work and coming home takes it all out of me, and I'm at my wit's end! I have been told by my doctor that I have chronic fatigue syndrome.. I used to think that it was a fake syndrome for people who wanted to be lazy... Since I've lost my weight, I've become a believer. Before, I would just blame my obesity for my sloth-like tendencies... But now, with no changes in my food, no changes in my daily routine, I go through phases where I can sleep 6-8 hours and feel like I only got a wink of sleep. I am forcing myself through it, doing my day to day activities, but DAMN! I want to have energy and plow my way through being as fit as I can possibly be.

I just had to vent today..... Hopefully I can come back later and be a little more upbeat! :)

xoxo to you all!!!


Change for Good said...


I am so sorry about your energy level. :( I wanted to say I understand completely. For months, all I have been able to do is barely make it through the day. In the evenings I am exhausted beyond belief. I even sleep in the car frequently as HH drives us places.

Have you had your iron checked recently? I know you don't malabsorb to the extent that we DSers do, but over a long period of time since your surgery, maybe your iron has tanked. I am going to to a hemotologist today to get set up for an iron transfusion. You may not need that, but they could do a few iron injections, or start you out with some pills. I just wanted to throw that out there to you. Sorry you are feeling badly.


Tricia said...

I hope you get some energy back soon. My neice had RNY and she always had energy problems too. I don't know if there's any direct corrolation, but I hope your doc can figure it out. I hate those syndromes they hand out with no cure or treatment. Just like "this is what you got, see ya." Then they want $150 bucks. OH DOCTORS.

Libby said...

That's how I felt before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.... I was miserable!

Traci said...

I hope they can do something for you to help your energy level.

Falon said...

Wow that sucks Laurie! I can't imagine anything worse than feeling tired all the time with no cure in sight. Chin up honey bunch.

*Tracy* said...

sorry about this and what your going thrue! vent girl vent, it really helps sometimes. take care

Mama Bear June said...

It's so frustrating when we're making healthier choices than ever and our health goes downhill instead of upward! Been there, got the t-shirt. ;-) Hang in there.
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Chris H said...