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Ok people.. I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again.. I hate my legs.
HATE them! I despise dresses for that reason.. And I finally realized why! Besides being pasty white.. I still have chunky ankles - or cankles as the term is coined lately! I don't know if it's that I retain water, or just that my ankles are fat..

How do I fix this?! LOL


Janine said...

I am the same - I hate my legs......but then I look at previous pictures and they were much worse!!!

I am just going to try walking the dog lots and doing some up and down one hill to see if I can get more shaply ankles and calves.

KrysTros said...

You know, that's just the one area of the body that I cannot help you with! I have no idea how to lose weight or shape up in the "below the knee" area! Maybe toe raises, jump roping, or jumping jacks?

KrysTros said...

by the way, I think your picture looks great! I almost didn't recognize that pic of you in a dress and the others on your sidebar!

Salted with Shadows said...

You're absolutely beautiful...but I know how you feel. I dedicated a recent blog to my hatred of my stomach!

Easy Losing Weight said...

I have read that often times its caused by water retention. I take a product called cell-u-loss on my website that helps a lot, just an idea. You look cute in the dress though.

georgie said...

A little resistance training is just the trick for the legs and calves. The hills are good, otherwise weight training.