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Another Doctor Update

Good morning to all!
I saw Dr. W yesterday, and it didn't go as well as I had hoped. My iron levels are still low, and I'm borderline to becoming anemic. I've been taking my iron supplements so I'm not sure what's going on there. I'm going to try my hardest to get more iron in my diet.. we shall see how it goes!
I asked about the heart flutters, and since it hasn't happened very often, he's at a loss. My thyroid levels have been normal in the past, so he doesn't think that's it. If it continues again, he will send me home with a heart monitor to see what's going on.
I asked for my highest rate on file - and it was 312. I know it was higher but just not on record.. but wow... I've sure come a long way! WAHOO!! LOL
Hmm.. what else...
I did mention to him that Dr. A said I may need a revision to cut out the part of my intestine that keeps getting ulcers... I asked if it would be like me getting RNY all over again, and he couldn't answer that question since he's not sure how much intestine they'd be removing. So, we'll cross that bridge if we come to it, and hopefully we don't.
Oh - has anyone else gotten tingly/numb feet after working out for awhile... I only get it when I am on the ellliptical or treadmill, ie. repetitive back and forth motions... My friend at work suggested that my shoes may be a little too small for working out. I should get 1/2 size larger than I normally wear since feet swell when working out. Do any of you have input on this? Dr. W was at a loss with this one too! LOL

Ok that's it for the doctor...

On a completely positive note - I've worked out THREE times this week! I couldn't work out Tuesday because of my gastroscope.. and yesterday I took the day off because I didn't get home until later than usual with my doctor's appointment, and we had guests come over. Soo.. I'm stopping by Academy on the way home to get some 1, 2 and 3 pound dumbbells and then heading home to do the Biggest Loser Boot Camp, and then some Turbo Jam or a bike ride. I did the boot camp the other day AFTER turbo jam, and doing jumping jacks with 5 lb handweights is kind of difficult, and frankly probably a little dumb for me since I'm not at that point yet! LOL So, I'll work my way up!

Although I'd LOVE to get to 149, I'm no longer focusing on losing weight. I'm focusing on getting fit and strong. If that comes with losing a little weight, yay for me. If not, then I know I'm healthy and getting stronger every day. Dr. W told me that I probably have 10-15 pounds of extra skin... so, with that, I'm AT my goal.. I just am carrying around a little reminder of where I came from! hehe

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I am going to make the most of it! WAHOO!!!


Donna said...

Not to fuel the fire, but my thyroid levels were all completely normal on the baseline tests. It wasn't until I presented with classic hypo symptoms and the palpatations that Dr. W. sent me to an endo. That said, I'm certain if he saw other reason for cause he would. The point is, it is not always about the numbers. All that said, I realize my experience is subjective. Makes me wonder how long I've been Hypo! Make sure you take care of yourself -- get those viatmins in, girl! I have to call his office anyway; lost my blood work orders. I'd lose my head if it were not connected to my neck!

Oh! ^5 on your gym effort -- awesome!

Janine said...

Awesome work on the workouts, and YAY for being at goal with your "reminder". That is just so awesome!!!

I just re bought a thermometer for when I get my heart flutters as I am sure I am running a temp at the same time......will be interesting to see. I haven't had one for a couple of weeks, but like you, my thyroid levels are all normal....although I do find it is better if I eat something carblike and the symptoms have all gone within 30 mins of doing that.

Falon said...

Loving that attitude about being fit and strong, you go lady! I used to get a weird tingly right foot when exercising (pre op, haven't noticed it here lately) and I do think it had something to do with shoes or getting accustomed to that exercise or something because it just went away one day. Buying a size up is right too, I make sure I have a whole finger width between the shoe and my toesies.

Have a good weekend!

HisGracie said...

I had the same problem with my feet getting tingly on the treadmill. My trainer said my shoes weren't wide enough, to get wider width or a size up. That fixed it! Also, my iron levels were low, my doctor said to take 500 mg Vitamin C with the iron as it helps you absorb more. Hope that helps!

Chris H said...

I had 6.3 kilos of spare skin... which I had all cut off! Way to go!

RecoveringFatty said...

If your shoes don't help, talk to your doctor about B vitamins. It could be a low thiamine level. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet. they tingle a lot, and its probably permanent as my levels are in normal range now, but early on they weren't.

SeaShore said...

Woohoo! to being fit & strong :) That's where I'm heading, too. It's what's truly important.