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Thursday Thirteen - My first Go!

I keep seeing this on Kim's Blog, and it looks like fun, so I'm now a participant!
Basically, it's an open ball game, and you just write a list of 13 things... Anything on your mind! We all know my mind is loopy, so this will be interesting for me every week!

I'll start easy this week and get myself conditioned.. Plus, it will give me a boost today that I need since I'm tired and grumpy.

Drum roll please.... Da da da! LOL

Thirteen Things That Make Me Happy
  1. My boyfriend - he's a great, genuine person. What you see is what you get with him.. It's refreshing!
  2. My friends - I'm blessed to have a handful of friends that I just adore. They are each fun and quirky in their own ways, and I love them to bits! I think they may love me too! :-)
  3. My family - I'm also blessed to have a drama free family. I have a very large extended family and they're all crazy... but a good crazy! My immediate family is amazing as well! I just wish my sister and her family lived closer to me!
  4. Coffee - Wow... I can't believe it is so high on my list.. and on another day, it may not even make my top 13, but today it certainly does! Today's selection - Starbucks Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte
  5. Sunshine - Although I'd love to visit the Pacific Northwest.. I don't think I could live there b/c I need my sunshine. I was in a funk all winter, and duh! It's because I need sunshine to thrive! Too bad I'm such a pasty girl! LOL I think Casper is part of my family, but he has a nicer darker complexion! HA!
  6. My Dog - I got my dog as a present to myself when I was going through a divorce. I was never allowed to have a dog b/c my ex husband was allergic to animals. We've been through a lot together, and she's a nutjob too. I love her, and she's a great dog usually! LOL
  7. My iPhone - I love it. My boyfriend got it for me for my birthday, and it was a great present! I love playing with all the apps, and I don't know why I even liked my BlackBerry that I had for 2 years before getting this phone!
  8. Flip flops - I love them. They're comfortable. They're summery.. I bet when people think of flip flops, part of them think of me! ha! My new favorites are the Skechers Tone Ups.. They're really comfy, and I DO feel the tightening in my quads and and tooshy! Wahoo!
  9. Facebook - Yeah, I'm an addict. I love my stupid games, and I love catching up with people I haven't seen in 20 years, and making new friends through blogging. It's a wonderful thing!
  10. Music - I simply cannot focus if I don't have music. I listen at work, in the car, at the gym, etc. I like many, many kinds but my favorite would probably be Indie/Alternative. I like feeling that I found the group since they're not mainstream. I know that's not true, but hey, if it makes me happy then I'm going with it!
  11. Cooking - Wow, if you had asked me a year ago what made me happy, this wouldn't have been in the top 100! I like putting new things together, trying new recipes, and hearing John say how yummy it is! I know he means it too, because he'd tell me if something was icky! haha!
  12. Austin - I love Austin. If you haven't been there, you should go! It's a fun, quirky city with strange people and strange places. I love quirky things. :)
  13. Glee! It's my new addiction.. yeah, I'm a little late hopping on the train (what else is new!?), but I watched the DVD's for the first 13 episodes in 3 nights. Yeah - 3 nights! And now I'm completely caught up and hooked!!
There ya have it! If I were asked to do this again in a day or a week, it may be very different, but this is where I'm at today! :)

Edited: Oops - if you want to participate, visit the Thursday Thirteen Site! :)


Cora said...

Howdy there! I wandered over from the Thursday Thirteen site after you said this was your first TT! I have a few comments on your list...

3. That is a huge blessing, which I can say a resounding "DITTO" to! :)

4. Mmmmmmm... *gulps more coffee*

5. I, as an unofficial representative of the Pacific Northwest, would like to make the statement that it does NOT, in fact, um... be sunny much here. Unfortunately. But today it is! I've lived all my life here and therefore love the rain way more than sunshine.

Have a blessed day!

Janet said...

we have a lot of likes in common:

coffee, flip flops, FB, cooking :-)

Sue said...

Great list. I love coffee, Facebook and Sun!

Thanks for sharing. Happy TT!♥

Janine said...

I wish I had an I phone or a blackberry....LOL, I must one day take a photo of my old trusty phone!!!

Flip Flops.....in New Zealand we call these Jandals.
Facebook - hear you on that one!!!!!!!!!
Glee- watch most of series one already - it is cool, but as our schools are so different to yours it just seems so "American Movie High School" and nothing like what we have....STILL COOL though.

Chris H said...

Nice list.... I don't even know what an iphone can do!
I don't 'do' Facebook much!
And You are so lucky to have a family that does not drive you nuts!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

I still haven't hopped on the Glee train, prolly cuz my husband wigs out when I try to watch a "musical" lol

What kind of doggy do you have? My weiners are nuts too!

Cindy said...

Love your list! I am a Gleek too! Love those insane facebook games... coffee, not so much a fan unless it is iced and flavored! Sat in the sun for lunch yesterday and it was heavenly!!

Falon said...

Music! I am so with you on your ode to music. I too tend to frequent the less mainstream bands because most of the radio stuff is crap. Now, I like the "crap" too on ocassion, but come on not better than SPOON! Have you heard any awesome bands lately? I just got the Grizzly Bear cd after watching it on Itunes for months. I love it! Oh and MGMT's first album totally makes me kick it up a notch at the gym.