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Bodybugg... Talk Me Into It! (Or Out of It!)

Hello guys and gals! I'm not sure how I've conveyed this in print, but I'm an impulsive girl. I get something in my head, and if it's something I want, I WANT IT NOW! If it's something that needs to be done, DO IT NOW! Etc...
I've had in my head for 2 days (yeah, a lifetime for my personality!) that I really, really, REALLY want a Bodybugg!!

  • It tracks your steps
  • Over 90% accurate on calories burned
  • Only $179, with 6 months free online monitoring service
  • Has a handy dandy iPhone app
  • Would help me understand my own metabolism (or lack thereof)
  • I'm sure there are many more, but I'm tired!
  • Only $179?! I'm not made of money, people! After 6 months, I have to pay $9.95 a month or $80 a year?! After I already paid $179?!
  • It doesn't track what you put in your mouth.. that would be super cool if it did!
  • You have to wear it for it to work.. It's just like the exercise equipment we all have that sometimes collects dust.. being a proud owner doesn't guarantee results! hehe
Do I need one? I know I want one. I've been very fitness minded, and it seems like an awesome tool for me. I'm wondering if it's worth it for me since I don't have much weight to lose (at most 15 pounds, and that's pushing it), but I am really wanting to get fit, toned, defined, all that good stuff...

Thanks in advance for your input!


Cindy said...

If you think it will help then I say GO FOR IT!!! People that have used them seem to like them... are there any reviews on them? Do you know anybody else that has one?? Ask them if they like it! Are you committing to it?? THEN GET IT!! DO IT FOR YOU!

Bandita Senorita said...

Have you looked into alternative options? I have heard that there are devices that do the same exact thing but carry a lower price. Since this one is advertised on The Biggest Loser, it has a higher price tag...so I hear. I don't own one myself, just a pedometer with a calorie tracker from Wally World....but I would probably compare a bit if it were me. That's just my opinion though. :) If you love the brand or find it does something unique that is helpful, go for it.

Yum Yucky said...

Only 15 pounds? I don't think you need it. Pretty soon it'll be sitting 'round collecting dust because you're only 15 pounds from goal.

Kim H. said...

I have one that I bought used from Donna... want it? If you say yes... I'll have to find it, but I'll make ya a deal. :-)

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

You know I would struggle with the cost commitment as well. When I first started working out I bought this ePulse monitor (go here to see a review of it http://www.anonymousfatgirl.com/?p=480) and I loved it. It was highly accurate from reviews I read on Amazon. The only thing is I wore it A LOT and the wires seemed to have shorted out a bit giving me strange readings. I need to contact the manufacturer to see if I can get a replacement. Anyway, I loved it and there was no recurring fee. :)

Falon said...

Oh hear ya on the impulsive shopper bit. I can talk myself into spending any amount of money in the name of fitness. But, I decided to think on it for a few months and contrary to someone else's post... when you are so close to goal... the loss is so much tougher. You may get an awesome benefit from it! Either way... let us know what you decide.