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Sorry I've been neglectful lately. Work has been a beotch this week, and I'm just now starting to recover mentally. I've been getting to work between 6:30 and 7 am ALL week (normally it's 9 am), so just that in itself is exhausting to me. I am definitely not a morning person.. never have been, and probably never will be.
Next week, I go in for my follow up gastroscope to see if that pesky ulcer is really gone. I sure hope so. Seriously, that ulcer pain I had in February was worse than surgery, worse than having tonsilitis with a 103 fever... it was bad! Leave it to me to have an ulcer on nerve endings.. AHHH!! Next week I also go in to see Dr. W (my primary care) to follow up on my latest lab work and see if my vitamin levels are better. I was low on Vitamin D (which should be dramatically improved because of my Wellesse Vitamin D find.. as well as Vitamin K and Iron.. I've been taking all of my vitamins religiously and making sure I get my protein in... so, I should have a clean bill of health. Except... I've been getting some strange heart flutters lately.. has anyone had that? I've noticed that I get them in the late afternoon, usually if I haven't eaten in a few hours... It's strange!!
Stay tuned in the next few days and weeks... I have some awesome product reviews coming up (including a protein drink that is absolutely divine!) and a giveaway!!!


Donna said...

"flutters" were the first symptom of my Thyroid issues. :( Not saying that's your problem, but it was for me. Mine was my Thyroid "sputtering" in an out of funciton.

Janine said...

I get flutters at about 2am in the morning about maybe once a month...it is coupled with being extremely hot, and thirsty and settles down within about 30 mins of eating something.

I had my thyroid checked recently, so am not sure about that, but i know it scares the crap out of me when it happens.

Let me know if it happens again and we can compare notes

Chris H said...

Heres hoping all your tests come back great! Heart flutters.. no idea sorry!

Falon said...

Divine protein drink? I'm all ears! Good job with the vitamins, I've been slipping in that area lately. Oy.