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Thursday 13 - Without the Extra Weight

Hello again... I forgot that it was Thursday 13 today as well, so lucky you! Two posts from me today! HA!!!

This week, I'm going to post 13 things that I can do easier now without an extra 160 pounds on my body. As you know, this list is truly MUCH, MUCH longer, but we're sticking to 13 for the purpose of this post.

  1. I can ride in an airplane without an extender or without "spilling" over into my neighbors seat.
  2. I can sit in any furniture I like without fear of breaking it, getting stuck, or again, "spilling" over... Or, God Forbid, standing up and having the chair still with me.. Yes, that's happened before!! :(
  3. I can find clothes without having to go to a specialty store. It's a nice freedom to have, but at the same time, can be overwhelming with all of the choices.
  4. I can exercise for more than 5 minutes without being out of breath, or feeling like my heart is about to beat out of my chest. I can easily exercise for much longer now, and actually enjoy it!
  5. I can go to amusement parks and enjoy the rides instead of fearing that I won't fit.
  6. I can cross my legs.
  7. I can easily tie my own shoes.
  8. I can go to the pool or the beach without feeling like EVERYONE is staring at me.
  9. I can be IN the picture now, versus being the one always holding the camera so I don't have to be in a picture.
  10. I can ride a bike without fear of making the tires go flat because of my weight.
  11. I can take a bath in a normal size tub and fit comfortably!
  12. I can drive my car without feeling the steering wheel up against my gut.
  13. I can climb stairs with ease, and still maintain my breath!

What are some of your accomplishments?

Want to participate as well?
Head to: http://thursday-13.com


Falon said...

Love it! Oh, I remember sizing up chairs before you sat in them... being heavy really can shred your nerves. I think I need to steal the Thursday 13 idea... hmmm...

Teaching Money to Kids said...

What a great testimony.

Dawn said...

You have done an amazing job. It's the small things that you can do now that make such a difference in the way you deal with everyday situations.

Karen said...

Wow what a great post! You've come really far. A lot of people don't realize the constant work and effort it takes to accomplish something like this. Amazing!Isn't it an incredible feeling to be able to do what you want without getting tired? It's very freeing. The world just opens up.

Retro Girl said...

You're amazing and courageous! Very inspiring list!

Mine is up...late but better than never I guess.

Janet said...

I can finally paint my toenails again!

Divaa Divine said...

you have accomplished too much for a human :) at least I am trying and so far no luck!

You can tick me off

Salted with Shadows said...

What a great idea! I've only lost about half my weight, but I'm going to do this, too. :)